The Settlement (集落 shūraku?)[1] is a location in Resident Evil 5 which is located at the Marshlands. This area introduced the first magnum of the game, the S&W M29 (MAG) can be found here located on the dead BSAA corpse inside the hut with trigger trap.


There is a B.S.A.A. Emblem under the dock the player starts on. Along the wet path, there are a few Crows and one Majini with a bow stationed on a tower.

Once the player reaches the village, a Checkpoint will be triggered. Entering the northwest area, the northeast path, or the taking the S&W M29 Magnum will trigger a hoard of Majani too attack which includes two Giant Majini.

There are a few more Crows here. On the west side there is a Herb (Green) and a Herb (Red). In the building nearby, there is a Red (Herb), 6 Magnum ammo, 10 Handgun ammo. On the upper floor, the "Knock down" command can be used on the two torches to push them down to hit enemies later on.

In the northwest section, there is Gold on the ground but standing over the holes will cause spikes to rise up.

In the east area, there is a S&W M29 next to a dead BSAA soldier on. If the player hasn't caused the enemies to spawn, taking the weapon will cause the spikes around the area to rise and trap the player while the enemies flood the area.

At the end of the northeast path, there is a crank for the bridge one of the characters can turn to lower it. A Jewel Beetle is next to the closed door. Going over the bridge will trigger a Checkpoint.

In the fort like area, in the upper area has a Gold (Large), 5 Rifle ammo, and the Village Youth's Diary. Downstairs there are two pots with snakes in them. Near the tunnel, there is a Ceremonial mask in a chest. The elevator exits the area and ends the chapter.


Location Action Localization Original Script
The alter in the village Investigate In that a person? Why would someone do this?
The bridge path Investigate Another blocked path... Go figure.
The door to the upper level Investigate It won't open. It's locked from the other side.

The Mercenaries

The Ndipayan village is also a playable area that is feature in The Mercenaries mode in Resident Evil 5.




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