The Cesspool Junction is an outdoor section of the Sewage Disposal Plant in Resident Evil 2 that connects the east portion of the plant to the west portion of the plant.


The area contains a single catwalk connecting the two opposite portions of the plant. There is also a vast amount of sewage water circumscribing the catwalk.


The cesspool junction is accessed by only Sherry Birkin and Ada Wong, depending on whether the player is playing as Claire Redfield or Leon Kennedy. Sherry will enter the junction through the Hidden Sewer Passage through a broken ventilation hole, while Ada will enter through the Left storeroom passage. While in control of either Sherry or Ada, they will either come across a group of Cerberus or zombies depending on the scenario played. The only difference between Sherry and Ada is that either character will enter from a different point.

The main objective for either character is to retrieve the Club Key from the Cesspool Tank by completing a puzzle involving a group of crates. They can also obtain the Sewage Disposal Plant Map in this area. Once they have retrieved the Club Key, then they can return to their respective entrance areas in order to give the key to Claire or Leon. Both characters can also pick up additional ammunition for Claire (Grenade Rounds) or Leon (Shotgun Shells) by entering the opposite entrance areas. If playing as Ada in Leon B, she will come across Sherry, who will drop her pendant and hold onto it for the time being.


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