East side sewer (東側下水道?) is an area of Raccoon City's sewers.


The passage is composed of five dead U.S.S. members that can be found throughout the area. There's a ventilation shaft at the top left side.


There are bodies of five U.S.S. members here.

  • Two are on a ledge;
  • A third is underwater nearby;
  • A fourth is near the Spiders;
  • A fifth is towards the gate to Passage 2.

As Ada, Annette Birkin will be shown to running away up into the ventilation shaft. Ada must be follow through there rather than using the West side sewer. Two spiders can be seen stalking around the area.

Assuming Leon role, a Wolf Medal and shotgun shell can be looted from the dead U.S.S. on the left side.


Resident Evil 2
Location Localization Original Script
Ventilation Shaft (Ada) There's a ventilation shaft slot at the end of the ladder. Will you go up the ladder? Yes/No
Ventilation Shaft (Leon) There's a ventilation hole at the base of the ladder. The fan is spinning too fast for me to enter.
The Blood on the wall There are scattered blood stains.
The steel barricade It's too dark to see what's inside.
The dead U.S.S on a ledge (Ada) He's holding something. I don't need this right now.
The dead U.S.S underwater nearby The umbrella Inc. logo is printed on the mask.
Gate toward the west side sewer (Ada) I have to catch that woman!
The wall near the west side sewer There are several bullet holes here.




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