The No.2 control room (第2管理室?) is an area of the sewer featured in Resident Evil 2. This room contains a typewriter and Item Box


It's one of the two control room of the sewer, other than the No.1 control room to the south. The room contains a table, a locker and a device that is used to regulate the quality of the sewage water.


Ada Wong will accompany Leon into this room. The room contains an ink ribbon nearby the typewriter and a first aid spray inside the locker at the back. Before leaving the control room, make to bring the Valve Handle, used to raise or lower the bridge later on.


Resident Evil 2
Location Localization Original Script
Control Panel A device to regulate the quality of sewage water.
Door behind the locker It's a door to the warehouse. Will you open it? Yes/No
Lockers at the back It's an old locker.




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