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Sewer Gators (スーワ・ゲーターズ Sūwa gētāzu?) was an American documentary series following the investigation of strange sightings in the United States. The show was presented by Peter Walken who, in a typical paranormal investigation format, would enter the house as a team with a camera man and the show's producer, Andre Stickland. Sewer Gators ran for sixteen episodes over a period of at least two years.


The internet series began airing prior to mid-2015, and filmed an episode in Amarillo, Texas. That particular episode received criticism for audio difficulties which, due to the show's limited budget, could not be fixed with ADR (Automated dialogue replacement). Further problems led to the firing of the cameraman in 2017 and his replacement with Clancy Jarvis after episode 16.

Episode 17 exists only as rehearsal footage, and was to take place at the Dulvey Haunted House in Dulvey, Louisiana. During the initial exploration to plan out the episode, the crew were ambushed by Jack Baker. Andre was abducted as Clancy and Pete were in the kitchen and had his face mutilated before death. Pete was killed later by Mia Winters and Clancy was captured by the Baker Family and later burned to death by Lucas Baker.


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