Sewer Manager's Diary 2 is a text file found in Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles during Memory of a Lost City 5.


In Memory of a Lost City 5, when fighting against the Giant Alligator in the Refuse transport passage, he is scripted to eventually break wooden boxes, the file is inside one of these boxes.


August 16th,
Chief Irons came in late today, looking grimmer than his usual self. I tried to joke with the bastard to cheer him up but apparently he wasn't too amused.
SOB pulled a gun on me and threatened to shoot me! Luckily I was able to calm him down, but seriously wtf!?
Dude obviously has some SERIOUS anger management issues. What happened to "protect and serve"!
He pulls that shit on me again and the next person he can scowl at will be at my lawyer.

August 21st,
William informed me that the police and media have begun an investigation on Umbrella's affairs. He said that the investigation will be citywide and that there is a possibility they'll even search the sewers. He asked me to suspend all Umbrella sewer facility operations until the investigation has concluded. The sewers will still be used for passage, but he stressed that I have to be extremely cautions and that I'd loose my job if anyone finds out about what's going on down here.

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