Prime universe
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Shén Yā Pharmaceutical is a Chinese pharmaceutical company. It was a competitor of Umbrella. It was involved in the 2014 Sonido de Tortuga Island Incident.[citation needed]


Umbrella's Legacy

Due to Umbrella's downfall as the leading B.O.W. manufacturer in the world, many pharmaceutical companies fought to gain power in the black market.

In order to obtain samples and research from Umbrella's hidden facilities, Shén Yā, as well as several other pharmaceuticals, formed a paramilitary units to infiltrate these facilities.[1]

Sonido de Tortuga Incident

In 2014, Shén Yā managed to infiltrate Sonido de Tortuga Island via two agents, Mike D. Seaman and Zǐlì, with support from their paramilitary unit, with the intent of stealing a sample of the experimental t-Miller virus. After Zi Li injected herself with the new virus she synthesized from the last remaining specimen of the Kodoku Plan, Morio, she mutated into a spider-like giant creature. She proceeds to slaughter her whole squad, who to their horror, pointed that they would not even last several minutes against Zi Li. Zi Li was eventually destroyed by Takeru Tominaga, and all the remains taken care of by the BSAA.[2]

Further notes

The company's paramilitary unit uses the exact same outfit and equipment than 3A7 from Red Umbrella, suggesting a correlation between the companies.[1] Furthermore, heavenly island's fourth volume uses 3A7's artwork from Umbrella Corps as a cover.


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