Shadow puzzles are a type of puzzle in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. They are found all throughout the Baker home and at least one was built by Trevor & Chamberlain.[1]


Shadow puzzles revolve around putting an item on a plinth in-between a projector and a painting to cast the correctly shaped shadow onto the painting to open up a secret nearby. Upon interacting with one, the player can select an item to use to cast a shadow, rotate it, and confirm to attempt to solve the puzzle.

There are four unique ones in the main game and one in the Bedroom minigame. The puzzles will only be solved if the correct item is being used and if the shadow is within the general area of where it can be fitted.

The Shadow puzzles will not activate under any circumstance in where any enemy is roaming around and actively chasing the player. It is required to defeat any and all enemies before attempting one.

Using an incorrect item on will give the player the "Nice Try" award.


RESIDENT EVIL 7 biohazard Wooden Statuette solution

The Eagle Painting and its solution.

Sky Hunter painting

Location: Main House 1F/Main Hall

The Sky Hunter painting, which resembles an eagle or hawk and its prey, is situated within the Main Hall of the house, and requires the Wooden Statuette. It is a simple painting of an eagle swooping down on its prey. It is require to solve on Easy and Normal but in Madhouse, it is an optional puzzle if the player can find enough Antique Coins to purchase the Scorpion Key within the main hall. Once solved, it will reveal a tight space that leads to the Drawing Room.

RESIDENT EVIL 7 biohazard Stone Statuette solution

The Spider Painting and its solution.

Venomous Predator painting

Location: Old House 1F/Gallery

The Venomous Predator painting, which resembles a long-legged spider, is situated within the Old House Gallery. During the main game the Stone Statuette is needed to solve it to progress towards a bug-filled tight space that leads to both the upstairs floor and a crawl space to finding the Crank. During the "Mia" video tape it doesn't require an item to be selected and is required to solve to progress. The painting itself displays an image of a spider.

RESIDENT EVIL 7 biohazard Keycard (Blue) location

The Judgment Painting (left) without its solution.

Judgment painting

Location: Main House Attic

The Judgment painting is situated within the attic above the Kid's Room and does not require an item be set in it before use. The painting displays a group of people watching as a man brings an axe back, prepared to decapitate a kneeling woman. Once solved, the dollhouse next to it will reveal the Keycard (Blue) that is needed to progress in the game.

RESIDENT EVIL 7 biohazard Toy Axe solution

The "7" Puzzle and its solution.

"7" puzzle

Location: Yard

The "7" puzzle, is situated outside of the main house, and is very easy to miss since it is actually hidden from the player. To find it, it is recommended that the player go near the entrance where you insert the Keycards, turn left and head towards a patch of bushes, and eventually the player will find the board there and ready to be used. The Toy Axe is required for this puzzle, and needs to be fitted exactly to the size and shape of the "7". Once solved, a chest will open to reveal a Stabilizer. This puzzle is completely optional on any difficulty.

RESIDENT EVIL 7 biohazard Iron Statuette use

The Medusa and the Serpent painting.

Medusa and the Serpent painting

The painting in the Bedroom DLC, known as Medusa and the Serpent, requires two items instead of one; the Iron Statuette and the Fork. It is located in the Storage room, and once solved, it will open up a cage that allows access to the Snake Key, which is integral to escape the Bedroom.

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