Shadows of the Past is the first cutscene of Resident Evil 5's third chapter. All cutscenes for the game were storyboarded by yU+co. artist, Jerry Bingham.[1]



Sheva: What happened to your partner?

Chris: Jill and I were pursuing a man named Albert Wesker.

Chris (narrating): Wesker...He was a top official with Umbrella, and the leader of our S.T.A.R.S unit. I met him again after the Raccoon City incident on Rockfort Island. Since then we'd been trying to track him down.

Chris (narrating): Then a few years ago we got a tip from a reliable source. The whereabouts of Umbrella's founder Ozwell E. Spencer. So we paid him a visit hoping he'd lead us to Wesker.

Chris: Wesker!

Jill: No!

Albert: Let's finish this.

Chris: Jill!

Chris: Jill's body was never found and she was presumed dead. The person I saw in that data looked like her. I...have to know if she's still alive.

Sheva: You two were close.

Chris: We were partners. What about you? Why'd you join the BSAA?

Sheva: My parents were involved in an accident caused by a pharmaceutical company when I was young.

Chris: Umbrella?

Sheva: Yes. I only found out later that the accident was to cover up the manufacturing of biological weapons for terrorists. They were using Africa as a test bed for their experiments. Bioweapons were responsible for the death of my parents. And someone has to pay for that!

Chris: So you joined the BSAA.

Sheva: There's only so much one person can do. Even a superhero like you, Chris.

Chris: I'm no superhero. But together, we can end this

Sheva: Then let's make a stand for our fallen brothers!

Chris: Hang on.

Sheva: 話してよ 前の相棒の事

Chris: 相棒のジルと俺




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