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Shanghai is the largest city and financial center in the People's Republic of China. It is one of four directly-administrated municipalities in the country and thus is not part of any province.


In the 20th century, Shanghai was the birthplace of siblings Jun See and Shenmei. Their grandfather, Yu En, resided in a manor on the outskirts of the city and was the Chairman and CEO of a conglomerate headquartered within the city.

In 2000, Jun See was infected with a mysterious pathogen and transformed into a zombie during a United States military operation in the bordering country of Penamstan. With the aid of the Mad Dogs unit, Jun See was extracted from the war zone by his sister, where he resided for another six years in his grandfathers manor under intensive care.[1]

Shanghai Incident[]

In 2006, Shenmei and Mad Dogs unit leader Jason guided USSTRATCOM agent Leon S. Kennedy to a safehouse that the two had established within the city, after the submarine they were operating from was overrun by infected rats and destroyed. Jason attempted to recruit Kennedy to aid in their true objective: exposing Secretary of Defense Wilson for bioterrorism and attempting to instigate war with China. Kennedy however, refused, instead threatening to have both Jason and Shenmei arrested for treason, leading to a shootout between Jason and Kennedy. Shenmei reveals herself and opens fire on Leon, but fails to land a shot; realizing that the plan is compromised, she flees the scene and heads to her grandfather's house.

After being let in by Hao Ran, the family's bodyguard, Shen talks with her grandfather about Jun before being interrupted by Leon, who followed her and overpowered Hao, demanding her to tell him what is going on. Cornered, Shen reveals the truth about Wilson and his experiments She also tells Leon that Jason had a microchip with him, recording all of his combat data as well as information that could expose Wilson for his crimes. Before she can continue, the house is bombed, causing the roof to cave in on top of them. Shen's grandfather, Hao and Jun are crushed and killed, but Leon manages to save Shen by dragging her from the house as she loses consciousness.[2]