The Shango Satellite Laser is a satellite weapon featured in Resident Evil 5. As its name suggests, is has the capability to shoot a highly concentrated laser within centimeters of the target. As described in its manual, it is operated with the use of the Laser Targeting Device (L.T.D.). Although the L.T.D. was carried aboard the deck of Wesker's ship, it ultimately ended up being used by Chris and Sheva to battle Uroboros Aheri.

The L.T.D. itself is a shoulder-mounted target acquisition laser emitter that sends targeting coordinates to the satellite.


The player has the opportunity to operate the L.T.D. to use Satellite Laser during the battle with Uroboros Aheri in Chapter 6-2. The L.T.D is not stored or uses inventory space, instead the player can pick it when they want to use it or put it back down when they don't. (It also must be put down to use any other weapon or item.)

The device is aimed through its scope and the fire button must be held for about 5 seconds to lock on to the target. Once given confirmation the enemy is targeted, the Satellite will fire its laser down. After the laser has been fired, it needs about one minute to recharge, which it will do on its own. The L.T.D. does not need to be held in order for the Satellite to recharge.[1]

The laser is best used to expose Uroboros Aheri's last weak spot as using the laser again does little damage compared to regular weapons or a Rocket launcher which serves as instant death.

In other media

Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds

Chris Redfield uses this in Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds as a Level 3 hyper combo: "Satellite Laser". He first pulls out the L.T.D. and locks onto his opponent. Then the laser shoots down from the sky causing an explosion to the enemy he is facing, just like in Resident Evil 5. The hyper combo allows Chris to fire up to three times in a row without recharge.

Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite

He uses it as a hyper combo once again. It is the same as the previous MvC and Resident Evil 5.



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