The Shanty Town (貧民街 hinmin-gai?) is a location in Resident Evil 5.[1] The Chainsaw Majini debuts here.


There are three Majini in the first building. Continuing past the house triggers a scene where Kirk piloting a helicopter is attacked by Kipepeo. After that two of them will attack the player. A group of Majini will attack the players as they make their way to the next building they can enter.

While exploring through the second building, there are Green Herbs, Red Herbs, Hand Grenade and Handgun Ammo. Because the gate is locked from the other side, Chris can send Sheva to the other side by using the assist jump. This will trigger a Checkpoint and shortly after she lands, multiple horde Majini will come to attack.

Walking up the staircase path will trigger a Checkpoint and going further will trigger a scene where a Chainsaw Majini attacks the player. The enemy will now be in the area and another horde of Majini will attack. The Chainsaw Majini will drop the Guard's key which is needed to progress. There's a chest at the far end, containing a Ruby (Square), Gold bars, Topaz (Pear), Emerald (Pear), and a Sapphire (Square).

The exit leads to the Train Yard.


Location Action Localization Original Script
The chainsaw inside the small house Investigate A chainsaw...? What were they doing here?
Animal corpse inside the small house Investigate A maggot infested animal corpse. Quite a smell...
The locked gate Open It's locked from the other side.
The locked iron door Investigate It's locked. We need a key.




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