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Sheena Island is an island off the coast of Europe, with a smaller island located nearby. The island was populated by at least one town, and was home to a number of Umbrella Europe facilities, with the international pharmaceutical giant having effective control of the island.[1][excerpt 1] The population was wiped out in 1998 following the outbreak of a t-Virus strain.


Not much is known of Sheena Island's early history, though it is known to have had a reliance on mining. In the late 20th century, the island fell under the control of the Umbrella Corporation, which invested billions into the island economy.[2] As its prominence grew, the island became an isolated planned community for Umbrella personnel and families to reside with the remaining locals totally trusting in Umbrella's abilities.

1998 saw the sudden death of Umbrella's appointed Commander, and his replacement with Commander Vincent Goldman, a ruthless executive within Umbrella Pharmaceuticals believed responsible for a string of killings of business rivals.[3][excerpt 2] Goldman began production of the Tyrant Plant beneath a derelict mansion on the opposite side of the island from the town. There, Umbrella was to mass-produce its newest Bio Organic Weapons, namely the T-103. Due to the need of the hormone B Hetero Nonserotonin for next-generation Tyrant development, the island also became the nexus of international human trafficking ring, with the adolescent captives subjected to inhumane and fatal brain surgery to procure a steady supply.[4][5]

Attempted coup[]

In October 1998, prison guards foiled a breakout attempt orchestrated by the remaining test subjects. The subjects were each personally shot by Goldman himself. To prevent this widespread elimination of raw materials important to the company's plans, Goldman forced the guards to report it as a group suicide.[6] As rumours had already spread about the human experimentations,[7] the public was sceptical of the report. Over the coming weeks a plot emerged to remove him from power. By wiretapping his phones, the plotters were successful in recording an admission of executing the prisoners, as well as his murder of co-workers to be assigned to Sheena Island in the first place. The plotters kept hold of the evidence for November, when an Umbrella executive was due to inspect the island.[8] Goldman quickly became aware of the plot, though allowed it to continue.[9]

At the same time, the island was infiltrated by Ark Thompson, a private investigator. Thompson was urged by his friend, trainee government agent Leon S. Kennedy, to investigate the Umbrella facility there. Thompson's investigation of the island got the attention of Lott Klein, who quickly informed of the man. Taking time to investigate Thompson's background and motives, he allowed the spy to continue his investigation for a fortnight.[9]


On 22 November, Goldman finally lost patience with the plotters, with the executive due to arrive within days. Contaminating the whole town with a strain of t-Virus, Goldman brought chaos and disorder on the civilians, intending to wipe them out in an "accident", then return to Umbrella HQ with crucial research data to gain a promotion.[9] The virus spread beyond the civilian population and to the researchers and USS operators, the latter of whom were seen firing on civilians indiscriminately.[10]

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Sheena Island after the Tyrant Plant's destruction.

After several days, Umbrella HQ was made aware of the outbreak and sent in their Under Taker force to sterilize the island by killing any survivors, infected, civilian or Umbrella and activating the self-destruct system. Having been injured in a helicopter crash, Goldman and Thompson were both stranded on the island, with Goldman using the island's integrated computer system to release B.O.W.'s hoping to kill Thompson. How Goldman died is uncertain, but what is known is that Thompson escaped on a helicopter after a bomb beneath the Tyrant Plant was set off, carrying two refugee children with him.

Aside from Thompson's evacuation, all other inhabitants of the island are believed dead as a result of the outbreak or its subsequent sterilisation, and the outbreak would gain the reputation as "the second Raccoon City".


The Sheena Island government was intimately connected to Umbrella, with Umbrella HQ effectively serving as head-of-state. Rather than administrate the island directly, control was represented with the office of Commander, the island's governor. The Commander was an Umbrella executive in charge of all facilities on the island, and had a broad array of powers such as commanding the police and prison services.

Public services[]

In the town centre was the hospital and library for the island, with a prison located some distance away.


The island had a limited economy due to its small population, though supported a number of private businesses. These included a restaurant, an amusement arcade and bar, a nightclub and cinema. These businesses catered to employees and civilian customers alike, though the company could use them for their own activities - for example, the cinema was often used for conferences due to its projector equipment. Away from the town there were also mines.

The main employer, overall, however, was Umbrella itself, which was headquartered at a towering branch office in the town, as well as the secret Tyrant Plant on the far-side of the island which, connected via a subway system, led to a heliport for outside company travel.


The Sheena Island culture was of a Fascist disposition supported by Umbrella HQ. Citizens were indoctrinated with these values, and it was expected their loyalty to the company would be unwavering. There was paranoia among councilors that fellow citizens not sharing this loyalty was treasonous, and their execution was justifiable.[2] The citizens had their own xenophobic ideals, that the world was ultimately divided into two races: the superior race which consisted of themselves and Umbrella employees, and an inferior race consisting of anyone else. The only contact with the latter came in the form of human test subjects abducted by Umbrella, who were often taken out to such places as the arcade for their mental well-being before more experiments. These people, often children, were frequently drugged and suffering from mental health problems due to their incarceration. Consequently, the poor appearance of outsiders served as proof of their inferiority.[10]



    "国際企業としてその名を馳せるアンブレラ製薬。 傘の下すべての人を庇護するという意味を込めてつけられた社名とは裏腹に、 実際は極秘裡に生物兵器開発をすすめる死の商人である。 同社の実験プラントは世界中に点在しており、 ヨーロッパの孤島シーナ島も、 大規模な兵器工場を保有するアンブレラの研究施設のひとつなのだ。 アンブレラ製薬はこの島の街をまるごと買い取り、 研究者とその家族を住まわせている。 シーナ島では主に主力商品となる生物兵器 「タイラント」 を研究開発しており、 さらなる改良を加えていた。"
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