Sheena Island was one of several islands owned by Umbrella. This island was known to be the "second Raccoon City", due to the Biohazardous outbreak and subsequent destruction of the island, being only months apart from the Raccoon City incident.


Sheena Island was a top secret island located off the European coast. It had a city owned entirely by Umbrella.[1][2][excerpt 1] The Island contained a research facility that housed a community of researchers that worked on the mass production of the Tyrant series of Bio-Organic Weapons (more specifically the T-103). It included the small city and suburban research centers. Sheena Island became a site of another t-Virus outbreak that infected the residing city and the Umbrella owned facilities. Sheena Island's residents (at least those working for Umbrella) were often cruel, with foreign prisoners taken for biological experimentation.


Sheena Island was led by Commander Vincent Goldman, a ruthless Umbrella executive. He was stationed there to supervise the Tyrant mass production in the so-called "Tyrant Plant". Additionally, he contributed in creating a way to perform the Tyrant mass production more efficiently (which included the extraction of a test subject's brain material during painful surgeries). Goldman also ordered for the abduction of young individuals from around the world. They were brought to the island to be used as "guinea pigs" in the Tyrant Plant. They were also drugged with some out-of-the-experiment chemical materials, supposedly to test some Umbrella pharmaceutical products. A video arcade was intentionally used for the enjoyment of the prisoners, to relieve their stress before their impending surgery.

However, one particular prisoner was able to overcome the situation and became aware of his fate. In order to retain his consciousness, he avoided most meals that appeared to be impregnated with experimental drugs. He then began to formulate an escape plan with some inmates. With the security guards of the prison busy gathering information about a disaster that occurred in the United States (the destruction of Raccoon City), the prisoner gathered his other comrades to formulate their escape plan. They launched an armed disturbance and proceeded to escape the prison. Unfortunately, Goldman had found out about this and killed them all (in one way or another). Goldman then ordered for the cover-up of these events. However, some residents of Sheena Island found out about Vincent's affairs and began to gather evidence and expose it to deprive him of his position. During these events, Ark Thompson had infiltrated the city and began posing as Vincent to collect valuable information (on request from Leon S. Kennedy). Vincent (thanks to a local child whom he trusted named Lott Klein) discovered this and he planned to solve the problem with a definite solution.


On November 22, Commander Vincent Goldman managed to spread the t-Virus over the entire island (making sure it appeared to be an accident). He then attempted to hunt down Ark Thompson to finish the job and then return to Umbrella headquarters to collect his earnings; and when Ark was attempting to escape Sheena Island via helicopter, Vincent tracked him and shot it down. Ark lost his memory after the fall and wandered aimlessly (though not unconsciously) through the t-Virus infected city. Vincent lost consciousness when the helicopter crashed, but survived. Somehow he got back at the local Umbrella facility to call Umbrella HQ for rescue. But Umbrella, after getting the disturbing news of the outbreak, sent a squad of special clean-up forces to eliminate any survivor with knowledge of the Tyrant production instead. These Umbrella Trashsweepers (colloquially known as "Cleaners") were ordered to recover the Tyrant data and to eliminate the Tyrant Plant to 'clean up' any evidence of Umbrella's wrongdoings.

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Sheena Island after the Tyrant Plant's destruction.

Meanwhile, Ark Thompson began to uncover some of Sheena Island's secrets as he ventured through the city. He visited certain areas that contained classified Umbrella data. Ark managed to reach the Umbrella research facility. There, Vincent Goldman released several mass-produced Tyrants to dispose of Thompson. He also found the now orphaned Lott Klein, a boy which was the son of an Umbrella employee in the island. He later recovered his memory and confronted Vincent in the research facility. During this, a prototype Tyrant (Hypnos-T Type) escaped from its container and killed Vincent in front of Ark Thompson. He survived the Tyrant onslaught and escaped the facility through a train which got Ark and Lott to a small airfield. There Ark found a helicopter and used it to escape the island with Lott & his sister Lily at his side. However, the earlier Tyrant reached the helicopter in a more mutated form. Ark managed to fire two stored missiles, carrying the Tyrant away from the aircraft and destroying it in midair. Ark Thompson and the Kleins escaped to safety.

Sheena Island was destroyed on November 26, when the self-destruct sequence was activated.

During the t-Virus outbreak Sheena Island was populated by infected residents of the city and the Umbrella facilities including the Tyrant Plant. Lickers were also produced in the outbreak. Some Hunters that were being housed in the Umbrella facility were released by Goldman to dispose of Ark Thompson.


    "国際企業としてその名を馳せるアンブレラ製薬。 傘の下すべての人を庇護するという意味を込めてつけられた社名とは裏腹に、 実際は極秘裡に生物兵器開発をすすめる死の商人である。 同社の実験プラントは世界中に点在しており、 ヨーロッパの孤島シーナ島も、 大規模な兵器工場を保有するアンブレラの研究施設のひとつなのだ。 アンブレラ製薬はこの島の街をまるごと買い取り、 研究者とその家族を住まわせている。 シーナ島では主に主力商品となる生物兵器 「タイラント」 を研究開発しており、 さらなる改良を加えていた。"
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