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The Tyrant Plant was an underground laboratory complex on Sheena Island. It was constructed and maintained by Umbrella for bioweapons research, with particular focus on Tyrant development.


Though it was not the only facility developing Tyrants in mid-1998, Sheena Island's facility was geared towards mass-production of the new T-103 series.[1][excerpt 1] A prototype Tyrant model was also in production in the facility, known as the Hypnos-T Type. Other B.O.W.s produced at the facility were the new Plant 43 B.O.W.s, and the comparatively older Hunter α.

In November 1998 the t-Virus was intentionally leaked from this facility by Goldman, who intended to quash a plot against him and pass it off as an accident on escape. The Hunters and a number of the T-103s were released from their containment to rampage across the city, ensuring its destruction. The facility was later infiltrated by Ark Thompson and two children, Lott and Lily Klein, who were in search of a means of escaping the island. A team of Under Takers, intelligent B.O.W.s armed with guns, was soon after sent into the facility by Umbrella in their cleanup efforts, which included the elimination of witnesses. The self-destruct system was triggered during the chaos, and Hypnos itself was released. Ark; Lott and Lily are the only known survivors of the incident on the island as a result of this chaos, having escaped on a helicopter before much of the island was destroyed by the Tyrant Plant's detonation.


The facility was built underground, and was hidden under a mansion to hide itself.



  1. Excerpt from GUN SURVIVOR OFFICIAL GUIDEBOOK, p.127: "アンブレラが最も開発し力を注いでいる究極のT-ウィルスB.O.W.。 人間に近い外見、 恐るべき破壊力、 命令を従順に実行できるだけの知力を持ち合わせており、 生物兵器としての有用性も申し分ない。 B.O.W.の主力シリーズとして各地のアンブレラ研究施設で様々な新型タイラントが研究されており、 シーナ島の兵器工場では主に改良型タイラントの大量生産体制を確立しようとしていた。"