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The Sheena Island incident (tentative), also referred to as The Second Raccoon City[1], was a disaster that occurred on the isolated European island in November 1998. The incident began as a deliberate act of sabotage by Commander Vincent Goldman, who released bio-weapons into the streets. This, and Umbrella's countermeasure, resulted in the near-total annihilation of the island's population.


Sheena Island was a private island used by Umbrella for advanced bio-weapons research and production, localised at a facility dubbed the Tyrant Plant. As the site of a company town, workers could freely interact with their fellow citizens,[2] and the townspeople as a whole had great respect for the company. Around the Summer of 1998, Umbrella HQ assigned their executive, Vincent Goldman, control of the island as its governor or "Commander".[3]

Under Goldman's leadership, a number of teenagers were abducted from across the world and sent to Sheena Island to be vivisected without anaesthesia for the purpose of collecting β Hetero Nonserotonin, a hormone essential for the healthy development of the new Tyrants the island was producing.[4][5] The prisoners planned a breakout for the evening of 10 October, but was discovered in the early hours, resulting in the execution of all twenty inmates, personally, by Commander Goldman.[6] Fearing retribution from Umbrella HQ for his actions, he then forced the prison warden to submit a fabricated report they had committed group-suicide. The cover-up was officially accepted by Umbrella HQ on 20 October,[7] but the rumours of what really happened continued to spread on the island, made all the more believable by Commander Goldman's existing reputation for brutality.[3] Over the course of November, dissident Umbrella workers wiretapped Commander Goldman's telephone for evidence, and not only had incriminating recordings on the prison incident, but also a confession he murdered a fellow executive to secure the Sheena Island promotion.[8] Goldman was well aware of the investigation, however, and when he heard of a spy on the island, concluded they were communicating with an Umbrella liaison.[6] In fact, the spy was Ark Thompson, an American private investigator hired by USSTRATCOM agent Leon S. Kennedy to obtain information on Umbrella. On 19 November, Goldman got word that the investigation had concluded and the dissidents were planning to release their findings to Umbrella executives scheduled to visit the following week.[6][8] Goldman made plans to destroy the city with the t-Virus, hoping to quickly escape and, with the evidence destroyed, convince HQ it was an unfortunate accident.[6]


Commander Goldman confronts Ark Thompson investigating his office.

The t-Virus and B.O.W.s were released into the city on 22 November, and quickly spread across the island.[6] Over the next two days, the uninfected population dwindled to a small handful, and although the survivors were aware Commander Goldman had betrayed them there was nothing they could do.[9] Goldman himself stayed within the town, awaiting the arrival of Thompson, who he planned to kill before escaping.[6] The two fought within the Umbrella office block, and Thompson stole his helicopter, with Goldman clinging to the landing skids. The helicopter lost control and crashed in the town and both survived being thrown from the wreckage, though Thompson suffered amnesia and believed himself to be Goldman, a fact also believed by Andy Holland, an armed townsperson he had met while impersonating Goldman to gain information from earlier in the month.[3] The real Goldman, however, awoke and escaped to the Tyrant Plant.[10]

Sheena Island after the Tyrant Plant's destruction.

Not long after the crash, Umbrella's Undertaker Unit arrived, sent directly from HQ to destroy the entire population to prevent spread of the virus. The B.O.W.s, led by a human commander, received direct orders to kill all women; children; the elderly and any surviving Umbrella executives.[11] Thompson was able to gain the trust of Lott and Lily Klein, two children who had survived the disaster on their own, and from them he learnt his identity. The three took off to the Tyrant Plant up in the mountains in search of a means of escape. There, the prototype Tyrant, Hypnos-T Type, was released from its culture tank and began stalking the three. They were ultimately successful in escaping the island on a helicopter as the Tyrant Plant self-destructed.


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