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Shen Mei (シェンメイ Shenmei?) was a former Chinese-American warrant officer who works as Wilson's monitor team in U.S operations during the Penamstan Civil War. She had a younger brother named Jun Shī who participates in the civil war and her grandfather Yu En who was the head of a conglomerate in Shanghai. Following the civil war, Shen Mei finds herself investigating the conspiracy behind the civil war in which BOW is used in the field.[1]

In 2006, Shen Mei becomes a federal agent and serves under President Graham and his administration. She is summoned alongside Jason, Patrick and Leon Scott Kennedy to investigate a hacking incident taken place in The White House but becomes involved in a bioterror attack in which Graham is targeted.


Penamstan Civil War (2000)[]

In 2000, Shen was a warrant officer in the United States Army, working as part of Wilson's team monitoring the situation during the Penamstan Civil War. After the initial strike team failed to report in, she ordered the other teams to not engage, but the Mad Dogs did so anyway. Shortly after, she overheard Wilson give the command to completely cleanse the area using the MK77, including those who were still alive. When Jason reported in, she sought them out on a suspicion, one which was proved correct when she learned that the team had found her brother, Jun Shī, although heavily wounded and infected.

Some time after this event, Shen decided to work with Jason in order to expose Wilson and his activities to the world.

Penamstan Conspiracy (2006)[]

Mei Gun

Shen Mei in the White House

In the year 2006, a hacking incident occurs on a top-secret White House file. Shen, Jason, Patrick and Leon are invited to the White House to investigate this incident, which is determined to have taken place inside the building itself. Shortly after, the lights went out and the agents are forced to take down hordes of zombies alongside the resident SWAT team. After the attack, they found out that the hacked file was related to the Institute of Biological Sciences in Shanghai.

Shen accompanies Jason and Leon on a military submarine to go to Shanghai and investigate the IBS. On the way there, a virus is released, causing the rats aboard to mutate into bioweapons and quickly clear out most of the crew. Shen and Jason make their way to the engine room, telling the engineers there to close and lock all the doors before taking them all out and climbing aboard the escape pod as the self-destruct sequence of the submarine begins. As they prepare to leave, the hatch to their pod starts to open as Leon tries to get aboard. Shen is initially hesitant, but Jason convinces her to let him aboard and the three agents escape just as the submarine explodes.

The trio travel to a safe house in Shanghai, where they restock and recuperate. Shen goes out for groceries and comes back to find Leon and Jason talking about their true purpose. Without the two knowing, she listens to their conversation, with Jason attempting to convince Leon to help them; Leon refuses and injures Jason in the ensuing gunfight. Shen reveals herself and opens fire on Leon, but fails to land a shot; realizing that the plan is compromised, she flees the scene and heads to her grandfather's house.

Shenmei's confrontation

Leon confronts Shen Mei

After being let in by Hao Ran, Shen talks with her grandfather about Jun, who's now heavily infected and in a comatose state in a nearby bed. Their talk is interrupted by Leon, who followed her and overpowered Hao, demanding her to tell him what is going on. Cornered, Shen reveals the truth about Wilson and his experiments, as well as how he forces people like Jason to do his bidding by blackmail; he provides inhibitors to protect infected individuals from turning in exchange for them running secret covert missions for him. She also tells Leon that Jason managed to smuggle Jun out of Penamstan back to their house, as well as how he had a chip with him, recording all of his combat data as well as information that could expose Wilson for his crimes. Before she can continue, the house is bombed, causing the roof to cave in on top of them. Shen's grandfather, Hao and Jun are crushed and killed, but Leon manages to save Shen by dragging her from the house as she loses consciousness.

When Shen comes to, she joins Leon in the ruins of her family home, telling him how she needs to use the chip to put a stop to everything that has happened. Leon refuses and convinces her that it won't yield any results, explaining that Jason's true motivation for working with her is to spread the fear he felt in Penamstan to the rest of the world so that the tragedy in Penamstan won't happen again, whilst Shen's face would be on the front desk of every U.S. agency with a kill/capture order should the chip goes public. Shen refuses to believe this at first, but is soon persuaded, deciding to lead Leon to Wilson's laboratory underneath the press conference.

Shenmei's death

Shen Mei's death

Once there, the two agents find a now-mutated Jason attacking Wilson, biting and infecting him in the process. He is convinced in his plan to show the world true fear in order to achieve their goals, refusing to listen to Shen or Leon when they suggest alternatives. They pursue Jason to the top of the laboratory, where Leon opens fire on Jason; the latter then flips the gantry they're stood on, sending Leon flying as Shen lands at his feet. In a last ditch effort to persuade Jason to change his course of action, Shen tries to appeal to his humanity; however, Jason tells her that he died six years ago when he became infected. He then breaks Shen's arm before snapping her neck, killing her.

After killing Jason, Leon is left with the chip Shen gave him, which Claire Redfield wanted in order to put Shen's wishes of exposition into action. However, Leon refuses, still believing that this was not the right course of action to take; thus, he takes the chip with him and leaves a disappointed Claire behind.



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