Sherry's Mission (シェリーの目的 Sherī no mokuteki?) is a cutscene that is part of the Resident Evil 6 storyline. It is present in Chapter 1 of the Jake Story.


After Jake and Sherry made to the house, he want 200,000 dollars and another. But she has no interest on hiring him. Shrrey tells him that Javo that attacked us, were all infected and exposed to a new virus called the C-Virus (as that explains the "energy booster"). Jake however, as Sherry explains, apparently carries antibodies, after he take a dose of it; this fact quite possibly makes him the last and only hope for humanity in fighting the virus, and is the reason Sherry needs his assistance. True to his mercenary nature, however, Jake insists that if he really is the key to saving the world, his help will come at a cost; an agreement of fifty million dollars for his services is met, and the two go to make their escape from the embattled camp.


Jake: "All right, first things first. I want 200,000 up front, another 200 when this is over. Oh, and B.O.W.s? Those are extra. An additional grand. Each."
Sherry: "I'm not here to hire you."
Jake: "What? Why are you here?"
Sherry: "Your blood."
Jake: "What are you, the Red Cross or something?"
Sherry: "No, listen, those... things that attacked us, they were all exposed to a new virus called the C-Virus. The same strain that you just take a dose of. It didn't affect you because you've got the antibodies. Right now we're racing against a global bioterrorist attack, and we needed a vaccine yesterday. We need you, Jake. We need you blood."
Jake: "50 million dollars. Cash. Non-negotiable. That'll get you one pint."

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