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"I'm not going to let anything happen to you, the world needs you!"
— Sherry to Jake Muller

Sherry Birkin (シェリー・バーキン Sherī Bākin?) is an American federal agent attached to the Division of Security Operations. As a child, she was placed in protective custody following her parents' deaths during the Raccoon City Destruction Incident, which resulted in a G-Virus infection and the gaining of regenerative abilities.


Sherry was born around the year 1986 to Drs. William and Annette Birkin, two virologists who took part in t-Virus research at Umbrella USA's isolated Arklay Laboratory.[5] Sherry's relationship with her parents was strained due to their busy work schedules and, despite their early 1990s transfer to the Raccoon City Underground Laboratory in the industrial district, she was frequently neglected but still loved them. Her parents were senior researchers in the G-Virus Project, a eugenics project that oversaw the creation of Golgotha, a Progenitor strain they believed could be used to improve the human race.[6] Little else is known of this stage of Sherry's life, though she was a student at East Raccoon Elementary and her mother entrusted her with a special locket for safe keeping, which was related to their research. As a potential security risk, Sherry's safety was important to her parents, who wanted her to stay away from strangers who could be after Golgotha.

Raccoon City and government custody

On the night of September 22, the Umbrella Security Service infiltrated the laboratory, shot Sherry's father, and stole his samples of Golgotha. With a single remaining sample, he infected himself, transformed into the monster simply known as "G" and killed the attackers, but released the t-Virus into the sewers in the process.[7] This eventually spread to the drinking water. As the t-Virus showed itself on Thursday September 24, it reached a critical mass that eventually turned tens of thousands of residents into mutants, overwhelming the efforts and resources by the Raccoon Police Department and Raccoon Fire Department to stop the outbreak.

Over the next few days, Sherry hid at home on her mother's advice and tried to call the RPD or her mom for help, but neither of them answered. Frightened from the zombies everywhere, Sherry was forced to renege on her mom's advice and decided to leave home for the Raccoon Police Station, possibly due to hearing the radio broadcast telling people the police were taking survivors into the building.

Sherry took to hiding in the building and gained entry to the facility beneath it to hide from the Zombies. On the night of Tuesday September 29, Sherry met Claire Redfield, a newcomer to the town who had also made her way beneath the facility after the fall of the police station. She began to trust Redfield, and they sought to escape together. Finding themselves in the police station's underground parking garage, Sherry was abducted by Chief Irons, who needed her locket. She was able to throw it to Redfield without Irons knowing. Kept hostage at the Raccoon City Orphanage, another Umbrella facility, while Irons arranged for Redfield to handover the locket, Sherry was able to escape her room. Chased by Irons around the orphanage after scarring him with acid, she was saved by her father, who may have come there looking for her. Rather than attack her, however, "G" forced an embryo down Irons' throat and left. Sherry was soon after rescued by Redfield as Irons' body was torn open by the baby G-Spawn.

The two escaped into the sewers, where they were met by Annette, who was angry at Sherry for not staying at home. Frustrated with having to finish her research and look after Sherry, she sealed the two of them behind a hatch, not wanting Redfield to have anything to do with her daughter. Sherry stayed in the Incinerator Room for safety as Annette continued with her studies, but when she was inconvenienced by another group of infiltrators, Sherry was found by "G" and parasitised. Redfield found Sherry in the room, and helped her up; taking advice from Annette, she carried Sherry through the sewers to a cable car which Sherry's Visitor-level ID Wristband allowed access to. On the journey to NEST, Sherry's slow mutations from Golgotha infection began to take hold, and her left eye became yellow.

Sherry was treated with DEVIL, a vaccine designed to stop the body mutating any further, though there was no time to surgically remove the infected tissue, which had already spread to her entire body before being given the treatment. When the facility's self-destruct system was activated, Sherry was evacuated to the bottom of the NEST and was placed aboard a train, which was designed to ferry survivors out. There, she was introduced to Leon S. Kennedy, an RPD officer who was an acquaintance of Redfield. The train was attacked by "G", who had mutated into a large blob, but Redfield and Kennedy worked together to injure him and release the couplings, allowing his carriage to be consumed by the NEST's explosion. Disembarking from the train, the three traveled out through Arklay County. However, not long after, Kennedy pressured Redfield to leave him and Sherry behind while she searched for her missing brother, Chris Redfield, who was investigating Umbrella in Europe.[8] Sherry and Kennedy were soon after located by the American authorities, and she was placed in the custody of USSTRATCOM, who sought to use her for their own Golgotha research. Her safety was guaranteed by Kennedy, who accepted an offer to work as an agent in their new Anti-Umbrella Pursuit and Investigation Team.[9] Due to the severe threat posed by people such as Dr. Albert Wesker, Sherry was kept tightly in the house hold of Derek C. Simmons, a leading American civil servant who planned to use her for private Golgotha research following the closure of the American bio-weapons project. During her years in custody, Simmons' team were able to develop the C-Virus from her regular blood sample extractions.[10][11][12]

Government work

With the death of Dr. Wesker in 2009 at the hands of the BSAA, Sherry was offered the chance to be free of her protective custody if she were to gain employment as one of their agents. Having grown up increasingly aware of the effects of bioterrorism, Sherry agreed to the offer.[10]

In December 2012, Sherry served in the Division of Security Operations, a government organisation built to investigate and combat bioterrorism. By this point the near-completed C-Virus viral weapon was being tested across the world, and had made its mark in Edonia. Sherry received orders to locate Jake Muller, the son of Dr. Wesker, and bring him back to the United States so blood samples could be taken for vaccine research. Their escape from the city was arduous, in part due to Muller's affiliation with the Edonian Liberation Army making him a target for the BSAA. After arriving at the city hall, the two were picked up by a BSAA helicopter and flown out of the city. During the flight over the mountains, they were attacked by the paramilitary unit, Neo Umbrella, and crashed. As she and Muller trekked across the mountains, they were captured by the Ustanak and the C-Virus' creator, Dr. Carla Radames, and taken out to China.

RE6 Captivate 0003 bmp jpgcopy

Sherry got to see Leon again in China.

After six months of experimentation by Neo Umbrella while sealed within a laboratory complex, Sherry and Muller finally made their escape, travelling through a medical facility and later speeding down the streets of Lanshiang, all the while being chased by J'avo. Regaining contact with Simmons, Sherry was ordered to rendezvous with him at the Kwun Lung building in Koocheng. En route, the pair ran into Agent Kennedy and Helena Harper near the ruins of a downed passenger airplane. From them they learnt that Simmons was responsible for the recent bioterror attacks, but she and Muller continued on to see Simmons in person. Arriving at the building just after Kennedy and Harper, Sherry demanded the truth, and further discovered President Adam Benford had been killed in one such attack. Jake and Sherry tried to escape as Simmons' bodyguards began shooting, but were captured by J'avo loyal to Dr. Radames, who had chosen to betray Simmons.


Sherry & Jake dealing the final blow against the Ustanak, finally putting an end to its life.

Sherry and Jake woke up in an underwater laboratory complex on the Chinese coastline.[13] There, they discovered the BSAA agents Chris Redfield and Piers Nivens, who arrived on the request of Agent Kennedy. When a giant cocoon hatched, the four were forced to split up, Sherry and Muller made their own way onto a train tunnel in the facility, where the mighty Ustanak appeared again for a last showdown. The two were able to kill the creature and escape the facility's destruction onboard the train.

After the events of Lanshiang, Jake handed over his blood sample to Sherry and left. Sherry, inside an airplane, received a message from Jake saying that he lowered his original asking price of fifty million dollars to just fifty. From his blood, a vaccine for the C-Virus was distilled, and the outbreak was gradually contained.



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