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"I'm not going to let anything happen to you, the world needs you!"
— Sherry to Jake Muller

Sherry Birkin (シェリー・バーキン Sherī Bākin?) is an American federal agent attached to the Division of Security Operations. The daughter of the late Drs. William and Annette Birkin, she was placed in protective custody following their deaths during the Raccoon City Destruction Incident, which resulted in a G-Virus infection and the gaining of regenerative abilities.


Sherry was born around the year 1986. Her father was a pioneer in t-Virus research for the Umbrella Corporation, and both he and his wife worked at the Arklay Laboratory in the mountainous outskirts of Raccoon City.[4] Due to their key participation of developing biological weapons for Umbrella, William and Annette's work schedules were very intense and busy, and as such weren't always around as Sherry grew up. Nevertheless, she loved her parents very much and enjoyed spending whatever time she had with them, with her parents feeling the same. In 1995, William and Annette were transferred from the Arklay Laboratory to a newly constructed underground laboratory in the outskirts of Raccoon City to finish William's work on the G-Virus, a Progenitor Virus subspecies that was theorized to be able to genetically-improve the human race.[5]

Raccoon CityEdit

"But there's something out there...I don't know what it is, but I saw it! Much larger than any of those zombies and it's coming after me!"

In September 1998, Sherry's father was shot by members of the Umbrella Security Service (USS) after trying to sell the G-Virus to the US military for their rival bioweapons program. William was able to infect himself with an uncontrolled G-Virus sample and kill the attackers, but samples of the t-Virus made its way into the city's drinking supply. When it became clear just how severe the leak was, Annette contacted her daughter at East Raccoon Elementary, and implored her to head home immediately, retrieve a locket from a jewellery box, and seek refuge at the Raccoon City Police Station. To prevent any undercover USS operatives from stealing the locket containing a G-Virus sample, Annette warned her to avoid other people.

When Sherry got to the station, zombies – created by contaminated drinking water – overran most of the city and eventually the station itself, and most of the civilians, police officers and firefighters were killed. Following her mother's instruction, Sherry went to the second floor, hiding in side-rooms and crawling through vents, Sherry was able to survive in the station for several days unaided. By the night of September 29, she began to hear her father's voice calling to her; William was by this point uncontrollable and sought out Sherry as a viable host for his offspring, though Sherry was not aware of his transformation and believed him to be on the run from a monster. Later that night, she met Claire Redfield, a civilian who arrived in Raccoon City to search for her brother Chris; with few uninfected lefts, she was willing to trust her. At some point, Sherry heard her father calling her name, she followed the source of the sound, and met Ada Wong instead, Sherry quickly ran away, dropping her locket in the process. After that she met Claire, but worried about her father, she went back again. Unfortunately, Sherry couldn't reach the hole she came from anymore to come back to Claire, so she ran off to find another way.

192851 resident-evil-the-darkside-chronicles-sherry-birkin

Sherry as she appeared during the Raccoon City Incident; 1998.

Sherry reunited with Claire in Iron's office. With Sherry gaining Claire's protection and friendship, the two worked together to escape the infested precinct. As Sherry and Claire looked for a way out of the city, they were continuously stalked by the mutated Birkin. While inside the sewers, Sherry and Claire were separated. While exploring the sewers, she was able to slip by the monsters through a series of shafts and eventually found a Wolf Medal. However, what she had not realized was that the floor she had been standing on was used to dispose of trash, and was thus, collapsible. With her added weight the floor drop opened causing Sherry to fall deeper into the sewers depths. Although filled-up bags of trash broke her fall, the shock of the impact as well as the position she fell still knocked her out. Unconscious, she was unable to protect herself against her mutated father and was implanted with a G-embryo.

Resident-evil-the-darkside-chronicles-20090819032302198 640w

Sherry in the security room after being implanted with the G-Virus embryo. Note Claire's jacket.

Upon reuniting with Claire, Sherry began to experience an intense pain in her stomach. Claire quickly recognized the symptoms from her experiences with the G-embryo before, but due to Sherry's direct relation to her father, she was a compatible host and her body did not reject it like Chief Iron's had. After finding a safe place for her to rest, Claire attempted to find a cure for Sherry within Umbrella's underground labs. While in the laboratory, Claire ran into Annette one more time, before William arrived and fatally wounded her. Before dying, Annette gave Claire the instructions for creating the G-virus antidote, DEVIL. Soon after creating the antidote, Claire attempted to make her escape, having Leon take Sherry to a train before the lab self-destructed.

Her escape, however, was thwarted once again by Birkin, forcing her to fight the monster and incapacitate it. Claire then rushed to the train, joining Leon, and successfully administering the vaccine to Sherry. It was later revealed that the vaccine did not destroy the G-Virus, but instead mutated it and gave Sherry accelerated healing as a result without any side effect mutations. Unfortunately, Birkin, now a gigantic, amorphous blob, attacked the train, thus triggering another self-destruct sequence. Leon, Claire, and Sherry escaped moments before the train exploded, destroying Birkin once and for all.

Government supervisionEdit

"I'm sure she will come back. She won't forget about me...."

Upon their escape, Claire left on her own to find her brother,[6] leaving Sherry her prized red vest as a reminder of their time together. Leon and Sherry were eventually rescued by U.S. authorities and Sherry's safety was used to force Leon into becoming a government agent.[7] However, Sherry became an "object" of strict surveillance by the U.S., both to study the remnants of the virus in her blood and to protect her from Albert Wesker, who wished to possess a sample of the G-virus. The virus within her system soon adjusted and adapted to the G-vaccine, granting her enhanced regenerative capabilities.

For years, Sherry went through daily tests and experiments under the supervision of Derek C. Simmons, who became her legal guardian. Simmons was not without compassion for Sherry's predicament and thus allowed Claire, when she returned from Antarctica, to visit Sherry as often as she could to provide comfort and emotional support throughout the trauma Sherry endured, despite Sherry's existence being a closely guarded state secret. Because of this, Claire was idolized by Sherry and inspired her to become a strong, capable woman. Unbeknownst to Sherry, Simmons and Carla Radames secretly combined the G-virus variant within her blood with an augmented strain of the T-Veronica virus to create the C-Virus.[8][9]

In 2009, Wesker was finally killed by BSAA agents Chris Redfield and Sheva Alomar in Kijuju, finally freeing Sherry from the threat he and his organization posed. With that, the government offered Sherry a chance to leave their protective care if she agreed to become a government agent under Simmons' supervision. Not wanting to be used as a test subject any longer, and wanting to spare others the pain and suffering she had endured at the hands of bioterrorism, Sherry quickly accepted the deal, with Simmons secretly hoping to use her to advance his plans despite his disgust with her kindness and charitable nature.[9][10][11]

Finding Jake MullerEdit

Chara sherry ss2

Agent Sherry Birkin.

"You could be the key to saving this world Jake Muller."

On December 2012, now transferred from Simmons' hands to the D.S.O., Sherry Birkin was sent into the middle of the war-torn Edonia on a mission to find a man with virus antibodies, which happened to be the mercenary Jake Muller, the son of her father's research partner, Albert Wesker. Sherry witnessed soldiers in the Edonian Liberation Army injecting themselves with what they believed was an energy booster provided by a mysterious woman in a blue dress. However, the syringes actually held C-Virus and they soon began to mutate. Sherry found one mercenary who hadn't been affected by his syringe, and immediately identified him as Jake. She informed him that his fellow mercenaries had become J'avo and they made a swift escape from their enemies through a garbage chute. After a brief introduction, the two began their trek through the Edonian battlefield, on the way to a supposed rendezvous where Sherry could contact her superiors for pick up.

Protecting Jake and escaping EdoniaEdit

"You're not taking Jake!"

Jake acknowledged that the only important thing was his blood, not himself, and demanded payment of 50 million Dollars in return for his cooperation.[12] However, this did not sway Sherry's determination to keep him alive. Her protective detail was made infinitely more difficult when they both discovered that Jake was being tracked by Ustanak, a cybernetic-enhanced B.O.W.

Eventually, Sherry and Jake crossed paths with B.S.A.A. operatives Chris Redfield and Piers Nivans, whose team was currently trying to take down some enemy anti-aircraft guns. Sherry found out that Chris was Claire's brother, while Piers was suspicious as to why Sherry was traveling with an Edonian mercenary. Their conversation was cut short when an Ogroman ambushed them. Chris told Sherry and Jake to flee, but Sherry instead chose to help Chris and his team take down the giant creature.

When they finally finished helping Chris, he offered Sherry and Jake a ride with some B.S.A.A. soldiers on a helicopter. While on board the helicopter, Sherry confirmed with her handler that Jake would get 50 million Dollars for helping them. However, they were interrupted when the Ustanak appeared again. It managed to take down the helicopter they were riding, forcing them to jump on to an adjacent one before theirs crashed. In the second helicopter, they battled Ustanak with mounted guns, only to end up falling from the helicopter with only one parachute to spare.

Jake quickly slipped it on and pulled the cord, and the two descended to the ground far too quickly, rendering them both unconscious. Jake awoke to find Sherry on top of him, blood covering her torso and his hands. Rolling her to the ground beside him, he saw that a large piece of debris had pierced through Sherry's back and he believed her dead. That thought was proved wrong as she stirred and came to. Sherry then beckoned Jake to remove the debris, and he warned her that it would only cause her to bleed more. When she insisted, he finally pulled it out, and was shocked by what happened after. The wound in Sherry's back began to heal instantly and within seconds, was healed. Sherry was somewhat worse for wear and the act had obviously taken great effort. Jake said, half-jokingly, that her blood should be tested for antibodies as well, and she said that it was a long story, and then went on to realize that the data chips carrying Jake's blood data were missing. Figuring that they must have gotten lost in the crash, the two of them searched through a severe snowstorm to find the missing chips.

When they found the three data chips, they took shelter in a nearby cabin and tried to wait out the storm. Deciding that she didn't want to wait any longer, Sherry attempted to leave to search for her rendezvous. With a strong gust of wind, she was almost pulled away into the snowstorm, but Jake grabbed hold of her just in time and slammed the door. The two of them decided to wait longer.

Jake asked about her healing factor and Sherry told him about her experience in Raccoon and her father, William Birkin. She also told him that she'd been infected with the G-Virus but had been administered with a vaccine in time, so she hadn't mutated as her father did. But the remnants of the virus had adapted to her body, resulting in her developing new abilities, such as regeneration.

Suddenly, Jake knocked Sherry to the ground as bullets tore through the cabin's wall. It was an ambush by more of the J'avo. Fighting their way out, they took a pair of snowmobiles to race down the mountain before an approaching avalanche got them. Just before the snow would have caught up with them, they made it safely into a cave where they were safe from the avalanche, and they went on to look for an exit.

In the cave, they once again crossed paths with Ustanak, which was using Oko to sense them, and they had to sneak around them to escape. He was eventually made aware of their presence, and the two ran from him, barely escaping. After running across a large drill, they jumped in the seats and quickly rammed it into Ustanak, seemingly killing him. They made it to the exit, only to run into more J'avo... and the mysterious woman in a blue dress.

Ustanak, not dead after all, appeared behind them and flung Sherry into the air, knocking her out instantly. Jake was then crushed under Ustanak's foot, rendered helpless while the woman in the blue dress identified him as being Albert Wesker's son. He was then knocked unconscious and both he and Sherry were taken to a facility in China to be the subject of several experiments.

Six Months Later, ChinaEdit

"What? There must be some sort of mistake. I report to Simmons."

Sherry in China

Sherry upon finding Agents Leon Kennedy and Helena Harper.

After six months of being experimented on by unknown enemies and locked in a cell with nothing more than a teal medical gown, Sherry woke to find that the lights in her room had gone out. The power had seemingly been cut and she was about to investigate when a masked J'avo rushed to her room to find the source of the trouble. Hiding under the bed, Sherry waited for a moment to strike and ended up overpowering the J'avo and stealing his stun rod.

Armed and dangerous, she snuck through the halls of the medical facility, taking down several J'avo before finally making it to a locker room through a secret passage. There she ran into Jake, who had also been experimented on by their enemies. Embarrassed that she was nearly naked, she dodged into one of the nearby lockers and the two quickly found clothing and began to dress. While they did so, Jake talked about Wesker and how he was a megalomaniacal fool and a terrible man. Jake also believed it was his father's fault that Jake acted the way he did. Sherry, feeling a little hurt by his words and the belief that someone's parents shapes how good a person is, tells him that sooner or later, he's going to have to take responsibility for his actions.

Upon exiting the locker room, the two of them found themselves in a rather lavish living quarters for the facility. They also figured out that they were in China. Wanting to contact her superiors and inform them of their situation, Sherry and Jake searched for a terminal where they could establish a line. Upon finding a computer with data of Jake's biology and a potential cure, Sherry copied the data to a card and took it with her. They also found Sherry's phone, and she contacted Simmons, finding out that he was already in China.

Escaping the facility, they took a motorcycle into the city, with an enemy helicopter in hot pursuit. With the help of Chris Redfield and Piers Nivans, who were also in China, they took down the helicopter and went on to meet up with Simmons at the rendezvous point. While running through the backstreets and alleyways, they came upon a large group of J'avo and fought their way to a clearing where the Ubistvo who Ada Wong had been fighting was knocked from a train and landed in front of them. The creature attacked them with its razor sharp arm and attempted to kill them, but the duo quickly gunned it down. Believing it to be dispatched dead, they proceeded onwards.

On their way, Sherry and Jake witnessed a plane crash and Sherry noticed that the plane was American. Whilst investigating, they found Leon S. Kennedy along with Helena Harper. After a brief reunion, Sherry told Leon how she was on protective detail and inquired as to why he was in China. Leon revealed to her that her boss, Derek C. Simmons, was the one responsible for the global outbreaks. Taken aback, Sherry did not believe it at first, insisting it couldn't be possible as she reported to him and trusted him. Tension rose as Leon tried to pressure Sherry into revealing Simmons' location, but Jake stepped in violently. Pulling Jake away, Sherry told him that Leon saved her life in Raccoon City incident, which convinced Jake to trust him.

Sherry's reunion with Leon was cut short as Ustanak, standing upon the wreckage of the crashed plane, suddenly attacked. The four of them fought against the violent B.O.W., and foiled its attempts to kidnap Jake. After doing what they could to keep Ustanak at bay, the monster finally retreated, but not before a large electrical tower began to crash down. The tower separated the two parties, and Sherry tried desperately to tell Leon and Helena where the rendezvous point was before a massive explosion. With no other choice but to hope that Leon heard her, Sherry and Jake went to continue their journey to the rendezvous.

Using a river raft to travel across the water, the two dangerously sailed into an ambush, where Ubistvo, the mutation with a chainsaw that they had apparently defeated earlier had returned for some revenge. Just when they began to think they were doomed, a gunshot sounded out and hit the Ubistvo. Surprised and unsure if the bullet had been from a friend or foe, Sherry and Jake evaded Ubistvo as best as they could while the mysterious sniper, who turned out to be Ada Wong, helped them. After shocking the creature and knocking it into the water, Sherry and Jake once again attempted to flee using another raft. However, Ubistvo invited himself onto their raft and almost knocked Sherry into a spinning propeller from nearby debris when Ada Wong saved them one last time.

The betrayalEdit

"If Leon was right about Simmons, I want you to run. No matter what happens."


Sherry warns Jake about Simmons' intentions.

Finally making it to the rendezvous point, Sherry hesitated outside the door, admitting to Jake that if things went bad, she wanted him to escape, no matter what. Jake agreed, though not easily, and the two entered the door, finding themselves in the presence of not only Simmons, but also Leon and Helena.

Simmons ordered Sherry to take Leon and Helena into custody, but Sherry refused, instead asking if what Leon had said was true and if Simmons really was responsible for the bio-terrorist attacks. Angered by her suspicions, Simmons revealed that the president had been killed and that Leon was responsible. Helena and Leon quickly rebutted, and a fire fight soon ensued. Sherry, confused and unsure of what to believe was also fired on by Simmons' men, and Jake quickly knocked her into cover.

Leon told Sherry that they would provide her and Jake cover to a nearby exit. Sherry agreed, and they executed the plan, Sherry and Jake making a run for the doorway. Once there, a J'avo caught them off guard and Sherry pleaded for Jake to run. With a smug look on his face, he refused, and Sherry replied, saying he'd promised. Revealing that he'd lied, the two tried to fight off the growing masses of J'avo until they were finally overpowered, disarmed, and taken to an underwater base.

Capture, rescue and escapeEdit

When Sherry and Jake woke up, they found themselves bound up. Sherry apologized to Jake for trusting Simmons and not seeing through his lies. Suddenly, they were somehow set free and Sherry rushed through the air vent to get their weapons and get Jake out of the cell. Fighting their way past a horde of Rasklapanje, they activated an elevator, but barely escaped alive when one of the creatures caused the facility to overload and spiral out of control.

As they made their escape, they encountered Chris and Piers, who were the ones that freed Sherry and Jake. When Chris revealed that he killed Albert Wesker, Sherry and Piers tried to stop Jake from killing his father's murderer. Jake didn't kill Chris, but their conversation was interrupted when HAOS began to awaken. Taking the lifts up, they witness HAOS emerging from its cocoon. Dodging its attack, Sherry and Jake make their escape while Chris and Piers stayed behind to defeat it. Sherry wanted to go back and help, but Jake told her that it was their choice to stay. After being reminded that they had to save the world, Sherry hurried with Jake to the exit.

Entering a room filled with hot lava, Sherry and Jake are confronted by Ustanak once again. After a long, hard fought battle, Jake managed to defeat the monster by punching it into the lava. As the facility began to crumble, Sherry and Jake made their way to the exit. They found a lift that traveled at a fast speed, but they were met with Ustanak and a gush of lava. Trying to fight him off, Sherry spotted a gun and quickly grabbed it, pointing it at the monster. But she had a hard time keeping her hand steady, so Jake helped her in firing and killing Ustanak once and for all. As they held on for their lives on the lift, Jake thanked Sherry for saving his life.

In the aftermath, Sherry continued working for the D.S.O. Jake kept in contact with her, telling her that he lowered his price to just 50 dollars.

Personality and RelationshipsEdit

As a child, Sherry is quite shy and lonely, because of her parents work, she had to take care of herself most of the time, which contributed to her early maturity.  

As Sherry grown up, she is shown to be optimistic and determined, with a strong sense of justice and a trust in the good of people. She is naturally cheerful despite her traumatizing past, and is determined to help create a better world. She has an inner strength that rivals the best, and is not afraid to do what she knows is right, shown by her confrontation with her former supervisor and guardian Derek C. Simmons. 

Sherry and Jake Muller initially seem to be completely incompatible, with her optimistic and cheerful disposition totally contrasted with his cynical, harsh personality. However, they make a good team, Sherry bringing out the best in Jake, and eventually her unwavering faith makes an impact on him, changing him for the better. Throughout their time together, their bond becomes stronger and stronger, Jake saving her life several times and Sherry never faltering in her mission to protect him. Despite her natural sweetness, she is also not afraid to retort to Jake's many snarky comments in the same way. Despite this, Sherry and Jake become close, shown by their conversation in the cabin, and Jake's protectiveness of her. Also, when Leon gets slightly aggressive with Sherry regarding Simmons, Jake gets between them and violently shoves Leon away from her, Sherry having to grab his arm to hold him back. Leon is shown studying the two of them here, possibly noticing Jake's protectiveness of her. Later, during an ambush, Leon tells Jake that he needs Jake to escape with Sherry so Jake can protect her, showing he's noticed Jake's protectiveness over her. 

Sherry is shown to care deeply for Leon and Claire, the two of them having been her only true friends throughout most of her life. She looks up to both of them, and deeply respects and trusts them. By reason of his connection to Claire and being a part of the BSAA, she trusts Chris Redfield as well, and assists him whenever she can during the mission.

Abilities Edit

The G-Virus is still within her system, bestowing her with regenerative powers. During the helicopter crash, when Jake pulled out a large shrapnel from her back, the large wound healed within a few seconds, without scarring. During the healing process, she was in a certain degree of pain, which disappeared after the wound was healed.

She is a trained hand-to-hand combatant, utilizing melee weapons to overpower most opponents. She was even able to use quick reflexes and acrobatic prowess to disarm Chinese J'avo's in order to acquire their melee stun rod. She is also well-versed in the usage of firearms.

Alternative depictions within Mainstream canonEdit

Alternate Resident Evil 2 scenarioEdit

In addition to the canon storyline of Resident Evil 2, Sherry's ordeals have been adapted differently in various media.

In the non-canonical Claire B scenario, the mutated William and Sherry never cross paths and as such is never infected with the G-Virus. Having never lost her pendant she is stalked, instead, by T-00 who is trying to secure the G-Virus sample contained within. Annette and Claire witness Sherry being attacked by the Tyrant on a monitor and Annette educates Claire of the pendant's contents. Claire manages to find Sherry in time and uses the pendant to trick the Tyrant into falling into a pit of molten liquid. Sherry, who had escaped prior to the tyrant's defeat, reunites with her dying mother. They exchange final words before Sherry goes with Claire to escape on the emergency train. This scenario is used in the Resident Evil 2 novelization, City of the Dead.

Darkside Chronicles depictionEdit

In The Darkside Chronicles, Sherry is depicted as having resentment toward her parents for their neglect. Also, not only does Sherry not lose her pendant, the Tyrant never makes an effort to secure it, preferring to attack. At one point, Claire questions if Sherry is his target but he pursues Leon and Claire, completely ignoring the room she was being held in. In the end, Sherry escapes with the pendant and no mention of the virus encased inside is ever mentioned. This version of pendant is notably smaller than its Resident Evil 2 counterpart, seemingly not be able to fit the vial of G-virus.



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