Further notes

Sherry Birkin's initial concepts.

In the Hideki Kamiya's script for Resident Evil 2, now referred to as "BIOHAZARD 1.5", originally, Sherry Birkin would be seen only briefly in Leon's scenario, but in Elza Walker's (Claire Redfield's prototype) scenario, she would have a more expanded role. Sherry would meet Elza at the police department and after the station is invaded by zombies, she would meet her again in the sewers, where she would help her get into the Umbrella factory. Eventually, upon reaching the laboratory, Sherry would part ways with Elza to look for her father, William Birkin. Notably, she would be also pursued by her mutant father, however, unlike the final version of the game, Sherry would not be infected by him and subsequently vaccinated.

Originally, Sherry's initial character design was very different from her adaptation in the final version of Resident Evil 2. She had longer hair and covered her head with a blue striped cap. As for her outfit, she wore a light blue blouse with white prints and black details in the arms region, a dark blue shirt with white stripes and a short brown skirt while wearing shoes and socks of the same color. Sherry also carried a backpack with red straps on her back. Overall, from this initial design, the only accessory reused was her necklace.

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