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{{Character tab|quotes}}
{{Character tab|quotes}}
== Resident Evi 2 ==
== Resident Evil 2 ==
* "Let me go!"
* "Let me go!"
* "Sherry."
* "Sherry."
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== Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles ==
== Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles ==
* "Sherry..."
* "My mommy and daddy's lab is in the basement."
* "I'm OK."
[[Category:Quote listings]]
[[Category:Quote listings]]

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Further notes

Resident Evil 2

  • "Let me go!"
  • "Sherry."
  • "They both work at the Umbrella chemical plant near the city limits."

Resident Evil 6

  • "Did you take your dose?" (to Jake, regarding the "energy booster")
  • "No question. You've got the anti-bodies."
  • "You could be the key to saving this world, Jake Muller."
  • "Just my balance. I'm fine." (when asked by Jake if she lost something)
  • "Sherry Birkin, United States -" (introducing herself to Jake, before being cut off)
  • "I'm not going to let anything happen to you, the world needs you!"
  • "Let's go! This is a waste of time!"
  • "Thanks for the warning." (sarcastically to Jake)
  • "He's tracking us. Well, technically you."
  • "It's... kind of what you signed up for, isn't it?" (to Jake about being a mercenary)
  • "I don't think he's too keen on us leaving."
  • "You're not taking Jake!"
  • "I'll talk to my boss, if we make it out of here alive."
  • "Okay. First we find the data, then we'll take shelter there."
  • "There's three data chips. I lost them in the crash. The locator will pinpoint each one's position."
  • "They're J'avo, and they're encased in a... cocoon. When they hatch, well... it isn't pretty." (telling Jake about the Chrysalid)
  • "Found one!" (when finding a Data Chip)
  • "Just two more to go. Hope we find them before the hypothermia hits us."
  • "I'll go get help. It can't be much further to the rendezvous."
  • "My dad was a scientist. He was working on B.O.W.s when I was exposed. Luckily, I was treated with the vaccine before it was too late, but the virus adjusted and adapted. It's been a part of me ever since."
  • "That's not what I meant."
  • "The people who saved me, Leon and Claire, are the closest friends I've ever had."
  • "They risked their lives for me back in Raccoon City. I guess I'm still just trying to live up to their example- never giving up no matter the odds."
  • "It's an avalanche! Let's get out of here!"
  • "We'll make it, just keep going! Anyway... I don't hate you!"
  • "Too late now!" (to Jake, regarding his comment of something being a bad idea)
  • "Sure can move fast for something that size." (regarding the Ustanak)
  • "Everyone in your platoon is one of those J'avo now. And you're dressed just like them. Come on, we have to get out of here!"
  • "Stop gawking, we don't have time!"
  • "Chris! We'll give you a hand!"
  • "Don't worry about me, I can handle myself! You need the help!"
  • "We have to shoot him off. He'll drag us down!" (regarding the Ustanak clinging to the helicopter)
  • "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to put you in danger!" (to a helicopter pilot)
  • "Look, parachutes!"
  • "What? There must be some sort of mistake. I report to Simmons."
  • "We're on our way to meet with him right now." (to Leon, about Simmons)
  • "Jake. Let me handle this."
  • "Leon's not just anyone. He saved my life back in Raccoon City."
  • "Don't get me started... but maybe the four of us can stop him once and for all." (to Helena, regarding the Ustanak)
  • "There's no sneaking around out here."
  • "Too bad the fall didn't knock the wise-ass out of you." (to Jake after he falls off scaffolding)
  • "There's information on here that could stop the C-Virus, Simmons wants it." (Whilst handing a data chip to Leon)
  • "They said you were involved in the terrorist attack, is it true?"
  • "But they're going to get killed!" (to Jake)
  • "Your father's actions have nothing to do with you."
  • "You can blame your father all you want, but at some point, you need to take responsibility for your own actions."

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