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Sherry Birkin (シェリー・バーキン Sherī Bākin?) is a survivor of the Raccoon City Incident. The daughter of Umbrella virologist Doctors William and Annette Birkin, her life was put at risk several times due to her connection to the G-Virus research, and was eventually infected with it.


Early life

The Birkin family picture close up

The Birkin family.

Sherry was born sometime around 1986 to William and Annette Birkin, researchers for Umbrella's top-secret bioweapons program located at the NEST facility. Sherry's relationship with her parents was strained by their busy work schedules and she was frequently neglected. As a potential security risk, Sherry's safety was important to her parents, however, and she was expected to remain at home when her parents were away. She was also entrusted with a key to access a laboratory cabinet; taking the form of a locket, potential corporate spies would have assumed it to be simple jewellery.

Raccoon City Incident

On the night of September 22nd, 1998, the Umbrella Security Service infiltrated NEST, having received credible evidence that William was intending to hand over G-Virus and t-Virus research to the United States military. During this raid, Dr. Birkin was mortally wounded, but survived by infecting himself with the experimental G-Virus, which immediately began to transform the scientist into a mindless creature. In his murderous rage he killed most of the operators, leading to an unintentional t-Virus leak in the sewers which soon spread to the drinking water supply of Raccoon City.

Over the following days, the city's population began to fall victim to the exponential outbreak. As expected by her parents, Sherry remained at home, but became increasingly concerned over the violence in the city and the lack of any phone calls. With no other avenues left she fled the family home to the Raccoon Police Station, which was being used as a refugee centre.

RE2 Gamescom GL 02

Sherry is found by Claire Redfield.

Keeping away from the violence, the young Birkin took to hiding around the police station, both from the zombies as well as her father, whose deteriorating mentality drove him to search for her as a breeding tool. A week after the initial outbreak on Tuesday September 29th, Sherry was found scouring about through the police station's underground, where she was chased by her father but was prevented from intercepting her due to the sudden intervention of Claire Redfield, who was exploring the tunnels and had come across them.

After temporarily defeating the elder Birkin, Claire convinced the young Sherry to accompany her to the police station's garage under the conditions of helping Sherry to search for her mother. Their time together was short-lived as they were immediately confronted by police chief Brian Irons; a corrupt official who had long taken bribes from the family. Irons knew the significance of Birkin's locket, and had hoped possessing a sample of the virus would guarantee him evacuation from the city. Thus, he handcuffed Redfield and kidnapped Sherry, however, in the shuffle the locket was dropped. Only realising his mistake soon afterwards, Irons locked her in a bedroom at the Raccoon City Orphanage, and using his access to the station's , Irons phoned Redfield, bribing her to retrieve the locket for him in exchange for Sherry's safe return to her custody.

Using her own intuition, Ms. Birkin made an effort to escapee the orphanage and return to the police station on her own. While she was able to escape the bedroom, she found the entrance to the orphanage had been locked, forcing her to steal the key from Irons. In the attempt, however, she was caught and wounded him with a jar of formaldehyde, driving him to a violent outburst. During the confrontation, William had made his way into the building through an underground access tunnel to NEST. Ambushing the two, he implanted a G-embryo into Irons while Sherry hid.

A short time later, Sherry was found by Claire, who had arrived at the orphanage unaware of what had transpired, the two were then pursued by the T-00, which had followed Redfield from the parking garage. At the last second, the Tyrant was killed by William as they reached an elevator shaft, before the G-infected Birkin mutated further and proceeded to attack the elevator, knocking Claire unconscious and impregnating Sherry with a G-embryo in the process.

In the early hours of the morning, Sherry was re-united with her mother, Annette, who had refused to evacuate the NEST and had spent the week studying her husband's rampage and the rate of G's evolution and reproduction. With nowhere safe to keep her, Annette sealed her daughter in the sewage facilities waste disposal room, but she soon began to rapidly show symptoms of G-Virus infection. Sherry was saved by Claire, and with Annette's instruction brought to NEST via a cable car to prepare her for DEVIL, a vaccine developed for the event of accidental contamination. Ms. Birkin's physical condition deteriorated rapidly, and she was left in the security room to rest. While Redfield would be successful in recovering a sample of the vaccine, it would be Annette who administered it. Having been wounded in a confrontation with William, Mrs. Birkin succumbed soon after to internal haemorrhaging, and only lived long enough to see Sherry recover.

Screen Shot 2019-02-24 at 1.03

Sherry with Leon and Claire after escaping from Raccoon City.

During Sherry's recovery, the acts of a spy and her accomplice, Leon S. Kennedy, set-off the facility's self-destruct system; she and Claire made their way further underground to Umbrella's private subway, used for the shipment of personnel and materials through the Arklay Mountains.

During their escape on the locomotive, they were set-upon one final time by William, who at this point had mutated into an amorphous blob due to the damage he had sustained and the instability of G's mitosis properties. By decoupling the carriages, however, they were successful in escaping as Dr. Birkin was consumed by the flames of the laboratory complex's destruction.

On the other side of the mountains, Birkin, Redfield and Kennedy made their way out through the plains in search of safe harbour, there she questioned if Leon and Claire were dating, suggesting that they could adopt her and a puppy.