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Sherry Birkin was the daughter of Umbrella virologists William and Annette Birkin. Due to their key participation of developing biological weapons for Umbrella, William and Annette's work schedules were very intense and busy, and as such weren't always around as Sherry grew up. Nevertheless, she loved her parents very much and enjoyed spending whatever time she had with them, with her parents feeling the same.


Raccoon City

"But there's something out there...I don't know what it is, but I saw it! Much larger than any of those zombies and it's coming after me!"

Finished in mid-1998, William refused to hand the virus over to Umbrella, instead preferring to hand the virus over to the U.S. Government in exchange for a larger reward. As such, a special forces unit was sent in to forcefully retrieve the G-virus, which was done after fatally injuring William in a hailstorm of bullets. Knowing he was about to die, William injected himself with the G-virus, turning into a hideous monstrosity, hunting down and killing or crippling all but one of his assailants. As he did so, several vials containing the t-Virus, kept in a sample case stolen by the Umbrella soldiers, were scattered on the ground and broke. Rats interacting with and consuming the liquids proceeded to carry the infection to the rest of the city.

Sherry remained unaware of this; especially the fact that Raccoon City was to be totally consumed with zombies in a matter of days. Annette asked Sherry to retrieve her locket from a jewelry box and quickly seek refuge in the Raccoon Police Station, warning her not to speak to anyone. Unfortunately for the girl, by this time the police station too had been overrun and most of its personnel were now undead. Sherry complied with her mother's request and made her way to the station, unaware of this latest development, and remained in hiding, seeking sanctuary from the zombies, Umbrella's escaped B.O.W.s, and later her mutated father. Soon, Sherry encountered another survivor; Claire Redfield (searching for her missing brother, Chris). With Sherry gaining Claire's protection and friendship, the two worked together to escape the infested precinct.

As Sherry and Claire looked for a way out of the city, they were continuously stalked by the mutated Birkin. While inside the sewers, Sherry and Claire were separated. While exploring the sewers, she was able to slip by the monsters through a series of shafts and eventually found a Wolf Medal. However, what she had not realized was that the floor she had been standing on was used to dispose of trash, and was thus, collapsible. With her added weight the floor drop opened causing Sherry to fall deeper into the sewers depths. Although filled-up bags of trash broke her fall, the shock of the impact as well as the position she fell still knocked her out. Unconscious, she was unable to protect herself against her mutated father and was implanted with a G-embryo.

Upon reuniting with Claire, Sherry began to experience an intense pain in her stomach. Claire quickly recognized the symptoms from her experiences with the G-embryo before, but due to Sherry's direct relation to her father, she was a compatible host and her body did not reject it like Chief Iron's had. After finding a safe place for her to rest, Claire attempted to find a cure for Sherry within Umbrella's underground labs. While in the laboratory, Claire ran into Annette one more time, before William arrived and fatally wounded her. Before dying, Annette gave Claire the instructions for creating the G-virus antidote, DEVIL. Soon after creating the antidote, Claire attempted to make her escape, having Leon take Sherry to a train before the lab self destructed.

Her escape, however, was thwarted once again by Birkin, forcing her to fight the monster and incapacitate it. Claire then rushed to the train, joining Leon, and successfully administering the vaccine to Sherry. It was later revealed that the vaccine did not destroy the G-Virus, but instead mutated it and gave Sherry accelerated healing as a result without any side effect mutations. Unfortunately, Birkin, now a gigantic, amorphous blob, attacked the train, thus triggering another self-destruct sequence. Leon, Claire, and Sherry escaped moments before the train exploded, destroying Birkin once and for all.

Stone Ville

Sherry is separated from Leon and Claire at the end of Resident Evil 2 by Umbrella's attempts to capture her. She eventually ends up in Stone Ville, where Zombies have been approaching. The town's mayor, in an effort to appease Umbrella and convince them to construct a factory within the town, offers to hand Sherry to them. With the help of the town sheriff and a young woman named Meg, they survive the zombies while Stone Ville becomes a second, smaller Raccoon City, and Umbrella's continued attempts to capture Sherry are thwarted, and she escapes to Canada with Meg hoping to reunite with Claire.



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