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Sherry at the Bedroom (tentative) is a cutscene in Resident Evil 2.


In this cutscene, Brian Irons speaks to Claire Redfield over walkie-talkie, but he hangs up on her after a brief conversation. The view switches to Sherry Birkin as she plans to escape the Orphanage.


Brian Irons: "In the neighborhood. You'll find it."

Claire Redfield: "Is Sherry alright?"

Brian: "...For now."

Claire: "I swear, you bastard, if you hurt her-"

Brian: "Stupid kid. If you just hadn't dropped the fucking thing, I could let you go... Don't worry, Sherry. It'll be all over soon. "

Sherry Birkin: "There has to be a way out of here..."

Brian Irons: "近くにあるから すぐ分かる"

Claire Redfield: "シェリーは無事?"

Brian: "今はな"

Claire: "もし指一本でも触れたら…"

Brian: "バカなガキだ あれを落とさなければ見逃してやったのに 心配するな もうじきすべて終わる"

Sherry Birkin: "どこかから出られるはず…"