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"We're partners. To the end."
— Sheva to Chris before boarding the BSAA boat.[3]
For the Dead by Daylight character, see Sheva Alomar (Dead by Daylight).

Sheva Alomar (シェバ・アローマ sheba arōma?) is an agent for the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance, operating as part of its West African branch.[2] She was assigned to the current mission to assist Chris Redfield, who was unfamiliar with the area. A versatile fighter with extensive in-field experience, her ability to use firearms is on par with Redfield. She is much smaller and more flexible than Redfield, enabling her to perform certain manoeuvres that Redfield cannot. In turn, this allows Redfield to throw her up to high ledges, or over large gaps in order to reach areas or objectives that a lone operator couldn't reach.


"Don't worry. I may not be as big as you, but I can still hold my own."
— Sheva to Chris after gearing up for the mission.[4]

Alomar was born around 1986 and spent her childhood in West Africa. While the specific nation has not been determined, the prevalence of French-speaking officials in its government indicate it to be a former French imperial possession. For those in rural communities poverty was rife, with the unique exception of Umbrella No. 57 Plant, which maintained a company town with higher standards of living which she and her parents enjoyed.[5] In 1994, Umbrella initiated a t-Virus combat data experiment, infecting one of the workers who would serve as Patient 0 for an outbreak. As the outbreak escalated, the local USS garrison acted on orders to massacre the entire town's population, both resolving the biohazard threat and silencing witnesses.[5] Alomar herself escaped the massacre by hiding.[5]

The following day, Umbrella and the government announced that an accident had taken place at the plant, resulting in the deaths of all workers there. Alomar herself was rescued by an uncle a day later, who had presumed everyone dead and had intended to loot the house of its possessions. Unable to stay in the town, Alomar left to live with him and her seven cousins.[5] Having had a more prosperous upbringing, Alomar's health quickly deteriorated due to malnutrition, made worse by Umbrella refusing to set-up a compensation scheme for victims' families.[5]

Guerrilla involvement[]

Some two months after the incident at the No. 57 Plant, Alomar ran away across the savannah in search of her former home. After two days of running, she collapsed on a cold night, but was rescued by guerrilla fighters operating in the savannah who had happened upon her while driving. During her recovery with them, the fighters were able to radicalise her by revealing their knowledge of the classified nature of the accident, and that the government collaborated in the cover-up.[5] Over the next seven years, Alomar lived with the guerrillas at their camps, initially fulfilling menial roles such as laundry and cooking, but later on being given firearms training as a child soldier under the belief that a teenage girl would be the least likely to draw attention.[5]

In 2001, Alomar got the attention of British and American spies active in the region. Taking pity on her, they slipped her information regarding a bioweapons deal being conducted between the Umbrella and the guerrillas, who had in secret eschewed their previous anti-colonial beliefs in favour of bioweapons to serve their insurgency.[5] Three days after the meeting, Alomar made her decision to help them by leaving a door unlocked at a building being used for the transaction and, wearing a wire, obtained vocal evidence of the illicit deal. Immediately after, the building was raided USSTRATCOM agents belonging to the Anti-Umbrella Pursuit and Investigation Team; the Umbrella broker had disappeared, while Alomar and the other guerrillas were dragged to the US consulate to avoid interference from the corrupt government. After two days in detention, the guerrillas were freed, with Alomar escorted out of the country by plane with a US passport provided to her by the American spy, who became her legal guardian for the rest of her adolescence. Within six months she had mastered English, and advanced in her education, both catching up to her peers and excelling them. At the age of either seventeen or eighteen, Alomar was enrolled at university.[5]

BSAA career[]

Following graduation, Alomar enlisted in the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance on the advice of her guardian, who himself received a position within the Bioterrorism Assessment Committee which oversaw the organisation.[6] For political reasons her previous ties to terrorism and bioweapons were kept confidential.[7] This did not, however, prevent rumours of her being a survivor of a bioweapons incident spreading.[7] Alomar passed BSAA training with praise for her marksmanship and martial arts,[7] and she was assigned as an SOU operator to the West Africa branch under Cpt. Josh Stone.[5] Alomar's time in the branch was short, and after eight months she was reassigned as an SOA.[5] This change in career fit well with Alomar's prior experience with the guerillas, as SOAs tended to operate in plainclothes as observers during SOU operations.[8][excerpt 1]

Kijuju Autonomous Zone Incident[]


Sheva accompanies Chris Redfield to the Alpha group's location.

In February 2009, the BSAA West Africa HQ obtained evidence that a suspected arms dealer, Ricardo Irving, was conducting business in the Kijuju Autonomous Zone, selling modified Plaga parasites to an Islamist terrorist group. With a follow-up meeting set for Thursday 5 March, a mission was drawn-up to ambush the men mid-transaction. This was to consist of one SOU team entering Kijuju and lying in wait at the deal site, with a second kept on standby. Alomar was picked as an SOA for the operation, to be partnered with Chris Redfield.[6][9] Unknown to the BSAA at the time, Alomar's rival for mission selection, M. Suzuki, was a Tricell spy feeding information back to Irving. In spite of concerns over security, West Africa HQ chose not to alter the mission plans, nor addressed concerned by local BSAA agent Reynard Fisher about the potential for heavy fighting should the Plagas be sufficiently spread.[10]

RE5 Sheva and Chris vs Majini

Sheva and Chris confront the infected Majini in Kijuju.

On the afternoon of Thursday 5 March, Alomar met up with Redfield in plainclothes outside a quarantine wall hastily built by the government to due fears of a biohazard.[11] Before heading to their market objective, the two picked-up their guns and ammunition smuggled in by Fisher, who was concerned about Irving's connections to the "Uroboros Project".[12] Within minutes of the mission starting, the situation began to spiral out of control. Having not received intel on the scale of the biohazard, the two were unprepared for a series of attacks by Majini, the parasitised inhabitants of the city. Fisher himself was captured by the Majini and executed at an event held by one of the terrorist leaders.[13] As a consequence of the security breach, the SOU team led by Cpt. Dan DeChant was wiped-out by an Uroboros mutant left in place of Irving at the deal site.[14] Unprepared for the prospect of airborne enemies, the mission's helicopter was also downed, killing its pilot and severing radio communication with HQ.[15]

In spite of the unexpected casualties, Alomar and Redfield received orders to continue on with their mission through the SOU relief force led by Stone, and they pressed-on through the mine to Irving's hide-out.[16] When reaching the mine, the two were briefly successful in cornering Irving, but he was rescued by Jill Valentine, a former BSAA SOA working for his employers. As their arrival was not anticipated, documents were left lying around that confirmed Tricell's oil fields to be his base of operations.[17] Though possessing this information offered hopes of a quick end to the operation, Irving had in fact ordered his B.O.W. cargo be opened to counter the renewed BSAA threat, and much of the team was wiped out as Alomar and Redfield were driven back to their rendezvous point in the city. With the death of their driver, Dave Johnson, at the hands of an Ndesu, Stone was left the sole survivor having already departed for oil fields.[18][19]

Chris e Sheva interrogando Irving

Sheva and Chris interrogate the mutated Ricardo Irving after defeating him.

Redfield and Alomar trail Irving through sewers and an oil refinery. They manage to track down Irving with the help of Stone, Alomar's friend and mentor. When Redfield and Alomar corner Irving on his ship, he injects himself with a Dominant Species Plaga.[20] However, Redfield and Alomar manage to take him down after a difficult battle. With Irving dead, Redfield decides to disobey orders to search for Valentine, who he now believes to be alive. Alomar accepts Redfield's decision and continues her role as his partner.[3]

The pair make their way to an abandoned underground laboratory formerly used by the Umbrella Corporation. Eventually they discover a large room filled with human bodies contained in pods. Redfield used the computer to locate the pod where Valentine would be stored.[21] When they discover the pod Valentine was in to be empty, they are threatened by Excella Gionne via video screen. Alomar recognizes Gionne as the head of the TRICELL Inc.'s African division, and is outraged to discover that Gionne and TRICELL are part of the horrible experiments performed at this facility. Alomar also realizes that Gionne lied about not knowing where Valentine was.[22]

Chris and Sheva release Jill from Wesker control

Chris and Sheva release Jill from Wesker control

The two track Gionne from the facility to underground ruins, though she eventually escapes with the help of the mysterious cloaked woman, whom Albert Wesker reveals to be none other than Valentine. Together, Redfield and Alomar are able to remove the mechanism controlling Valentine. After, she reveals Wesker's plan to spread Uroboros worldwide, and pleads Redfield to stop Wesker.[23]

RE5 Chris and Sheva vs Uroboros Aheri

Chris and Sheva battles Uroboros Aheri

Alomar and Redfield follow Gionne and Wesker to a large ship, where they corner Gionne. Gionne escapes, but not before drops one of her briefcases full of vials. Alomar picks up one of them and takes it with her.[24] Eventually, the two reach a pile of corpses and a weakened Gionne. Wesker injected Gionne with the Uroboros virus, which eventually rejects her as a host and creates the monstrosity known as Uroboros Aheri.[25]

After disposing of the mutated Gionne, the two BSAA operators set out after Wesker. On the way, Valentine contacts Redfield to explain the source of Wesker's strength; an unstable virus. Valentine explains that an overdose of the virus would possibly kill Wesker. Alomar realizes that the vial she picked up from Gionne's briefcase, namely PG67A/W is the virus.[26]

2017-11-03 (142)

Alomar and Redfield confronting Wesker

Redfield and Alomar rush to Wesker's hangar to confront him.[27] After a difficult battle, the two are able to inject the virus into Wesker's chest, by getting rid of the light to decrease Wesker's vision, and using a night vision RPG-7. With his body weakening, and the two BSAA members on his tail, Wesker escapes to his jet. Redfield and Alomar climb in through the cargo hold to stop Wesker.[28] Mid-flight, Redfield opens the cargo hold, sucking Wesker out the back of the jet. A celebration of Wesker's demise is short-lived when Wesker grabs Alomar's leg in an attempt to take her with him. With Redfield's aid, Alomar is saved, and Wesker falls into a volcano courtesy of a gunshot to his head.[29]

Severely outmatched, Wesker has no choice but to combine Uroboros with himself, and attack the two with amazing strength.[30] After a lengthy fight, Wesker is shot down into the molten magma while Redfield and Alomar escape with Valentine and Stone. Wesker, however, is not one to give up, and grabs the helicopter leg with his tentacle-like arm. However, Redfield and Alomar are able to destroy Wesker once and for all by using two RPG-7.[31] While flying away on the helicopter, the four BSAA agents praise that the journey is over, and that Wesker is dead once and for all.[32]


"I was very sad to hear of Chris' recent disappearance. He was such a large part of the BSAA, and he was a very important person to me, as well. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help. The BSAA West African Branch is always here for your support."
— Sheva in her email to Piers.[33]

Several years after the events of the Kijuju incident, Alomar continued to work for the BSAA's West African Branch. At some point in 2012 Alomar contacted Piers Nivans after hearing of Redfield's disappearance in Edonia. She voiced sadness at hearing his disappearance and offered support from the BSAA's West African Branch, noting that he was an important person to her.[33]



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