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"We're partners... to the end."
— Sheva to Chris before boarding the BSAA boat.

Sheva Alomar (シェバ・アローマ?) is an agent for the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance, operating as part of its West African branch.[2] She was assigned to the current mission to assist Chris Redfield, who was unfamiliar with the area. A versatile fighter with extensive experience, her ability to use firearms is on par with Chris. She is much smaller and more flexible than Chris, enabling her to perform certain manoeuvres that Chris cannot. In turn, this allows Chris to throw her up to high ledges, or over large gaps in order to reach areas or objectives that a lone operator couldn't reach.


"Don't worry. I may not be as big as you, but I can still hold my own."
— Sheva to Chris after gearing up for the mission

Sheva grew up in West African region which was associated with guerrilla fighters operating against the national government. Some 80% of the town's population was employed by Umbrella's No.57 Plant, who provided wages which, while still low by national standards, were steady enough for Sheva's family live on comfortably. Around 1994 when Sheva was only eight years old, the Umbrella plant suffered a containment failure and the locals who had unknowingly been aiding in the development began rampaging around the plant. With help from the army, Umbrella's anti-B.O.W. soldiers destroyed the factory to rid the bioweapons and massacred the town to silence witnesses. Sheva survived the attack, and was taken in by her uncle, who hoped for compensation to support her and his seven children but was offered nothing.[3]

Guerrilla involvement

Sheva ran away from her uncle's home due to malnutrition, and journeyed back to her home. On her way she was picked up by a convoy of guerrilla fighters, who believed the containment failure at the Umbrella plant was deliberate in order to test out their completed bioweapons. Over the next seven years Sheva lived with the guerrillas, fulfilling menial roles such as laundry and, when older, obtaining materials from the nearby town.[3]

Around the year 2001 and at the age of fifteen, Sheva was approached by a government agent, who revealed to her the guerrillas were attempting to purchase bio-weapons from Umbrella in their fight against the government. At a church, he introduced Sheva to an American official, who offered she and the guerrillas amnesty if she gave them proof of the bio-weapons deal and a means of capturing the guerrillas. Sheva agreed to do so, and three days later unlocked the door to their compound and used a recording at the meeting. Everyone in the compound was immediately arrested and taken to the American consulate, and true to the official's word everyone but the bioweapons dealer was released. Sheva was offered a new life in the United States, and handed a passport and a seat on a private jet with the official as her legal guardian.[3]

BSAA career

Sheva adapted to life in the United States quickly, and mastered English within six months. Two years later, Sheva enrolled in a university and, upon passing, was recommended a career in the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance by the official, which had recently been founded to tackle the use of Umbrella's bioweapons in terrorism following its collapse. Sheva was assigned to Josh Stone's unit for eight months for training. Upon completion of her training, the BSAA chose her to become an agent due to her prior experience in infiltration while smuggling material for the guerrillas.[4][excerpt 1]


Kijuju Autonomous Zone Incident

In 2009, Sheva was assigned to work alongside Chris throughout Kijuju to keep the natives from becoming hostile over the fact that he's an American. The two were to assist BSAA Alpha Team Members in locating and apprehending a Bio-weapons dealer named Ricardo Irving. Their contact, who supplied them with their weapons and gear, informed them that Irving is also wanted for questioning on a possible doomsday project known as Uroboros. Unfortunately, the situation in Kijuju would prove far more volatile than the two agents had expected as the locals were not only hostile, but displayed aggression similar to the Ganados of Los Iluminados. They watched helplessly as their contact who was captured by the locals was executed by a masked man wielding a massive axe. While en route to Alpha Team's location to the weapon's deal coordinates, they soon discovered that Alpha Team had been attacked and slain by an unknown B.O.W as an apparent set-up by Irving to eliminate the presence of BSAA operators.They eventually tracked him down, but Irving managed to escape with the help of a mysterious cloaked woman. Chris finds files left behind by Irving with information on his old partner Jill Valentine. After barely surviving a number of situations which includes killing two of Irvining's Bio-Weapons (The Popokarimu and Ndesu, the latter of which wiped out most of BSAA Delta Team), Sheva begs Chris to retreat after seeing how badly they were outnumbered. He then tells Sheva how his longtime partner Jill Valentine died during a mission to arrest Oswell E. Spencer of the Umbrella Corporation. Sheva changes her mind once she learns of Jill and sees Chris' determination to find her.

Chris and Sheva trail Irving through sewers and an oil refinery. They manage to track down Irving with the help of Josh Stone, Sheva's friend and mentor. When Chris and Sheva corner Irving on his ship, he injects himself with a Dominant Species Plaga. However, Chris and Sheva manage to take him down after a difficult battle. With Irving dead, Chris decides to disobey orders to search for Jill, who he now believes to be alive. Sheva accepts Chris' decision and continues her role as his partner.

The pair make their way to an abandoned underground laboratory formerly used by the Umbrella Corporation. Eventually they discover a large room filled with human bodies contained in pods. Chris used the computer to locate the pod where Jill would be stored. When they discover the pod Jill was in to be empty, they are threatened by Excella Gionne via video screen. Sheva recognizes Excella as the head of the TRICELL Inc.'s African division, and is outraged to discover that Excella and TRICELL are part of the horrible experiments performed at this facility. Sheva also realizes that Excella lied about not knowing where Jill was.

The two track Excella from the facility to underground ruins, though she eventually escapes with the help of the mysterious cloaked woman, whom Albert Wesker reveals to be none other than Jill Valentine. Together, Chris and Sheva are able to remove the mechanism controlling Jill. After, she reveals Wesker's plan to spread Uroboros worldwide, and pleads Chris to stop Wesker.

Sheva and Chris follow Excella and Wesker to a large ship, where they corner Excella. Excella escapes, but not before drops one of her briefcases full of vials. Sheva picks up one of them and takes it with her. Eventually, the two reach a pile of corpses and a weakened Excella. Wesker injected Excella with the Uroboros virus, which eventually rejects her as a host and creates the monstrosity known as Uroboros Aheri.

After disposing of the mutated Excella, the two BSAA operators set out after Wesker. On the way, Jill contacts Chris to explain the source of Wesker's strength; an unstable virus. Jill explains that an overdose of the virus would possibly kill Wesker. Sheva realizes that the vial she picked up from Excella's briefcase, namely PG67A/W is the virus.

Chris and Sheva rush to Wesker's hangar to confront him. After a difficult battle, the two are able to inject the virus into Wesker's chest, by getting rid of the light to decrease Wesker's vision, and using a night vision RPG-7. With his body weakening, and the two BSAA members on his tail, Wesker escapes to his jet. Chris and Sheva climb in through the cargo hold to stop Wesker. Mid-flight, Chris opens the cargo hold, sucking Wesker out the back of the jet. A celebration of Wesker's demise is short-lived when Wesker grabs Sheva's leg in an attempt to take her with him. With Chris's aid, Sheva is saved, and Wesker falls into a volcano courtesy of a gunshot to his head.

Severely outmatched, Wesker has no choice but to combine Uroboros with himself, and attack the two with amazing strength. After a lengthy fight, Wesker is shot down into the molten magma while Chris and Sheva escape with Jill and Josh. Wesker, however, is not one to give up, and grabs the helicopter leg with his tentacle-like arm. However, Chris and Sheva are able to destroy Wesker once and for all by using two RPG-7. While flying away on the helicopter, the four BSAA agents praise that the journey is over, and that Wesker is dead once and for all.


"I was very sad to hear of Chris' recent disappearance. He was such a large part of the BSAA, and he was a very important person to me, as well. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help. The BSAA West African Branch is always here for your support."
— Sheva in her email to Piers.

Several years after the events of the Kijuju incident, Sheva continued to work for the BSAA's West African Branch. At some point in 2012 Sheva contacted Piers Nivans after hearing of Chris's disappearance in Edonia. She voiced sadness at hearing his disappearance and offered support from the BSAA's West African Branch, noting that he was an important person to her.[5]



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