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Unlike Chris who fires right-handed, Sheva operates firearms left-handed. Also unlike Chris, the camera follows on her left shoulder, instead of her right shoulder. Like all characters Sheva has a set number of melee attacks she can utilize on stunned enemies.

Position Attack Strength
Head Roundhouse 350 HP
Arm (Front) Twist Kick 250 HP
Arm (Back) Knee 250 HP
Leg (Front) Somersault 350 HP
Leg (Back) Throat Slit Instant Kill, no Plaga
Grounded Impale 800 HP (Head Critical)
Grounded (With Josh or Excella) Double Fang 1000 X2 HP
Combo Finisher (front) Skull Crusher (Only for normal Majini) 3000 HP
Combo Finisher (back) Spinning Back Kick (The only attack against Sub-Bosses and normal Majini) 3000 HP
Grapple Breaker Pivot Kick 450 HP
Licker Knockdown Combo Somersault 600 HP
Licker Knockdown Combo Stab Instant Kill
Stunned Wesker Reverse Kick, High Kick, Front Kick, Knee Strike, Double Heel Drop 2000 HP
Dazed Wesker Somersault / Side Pele Kick 400 HP / 400 HP

Unlockable costumes[]

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Sheva's Fairy Tale costume.

There are four costumes that can be unlocked for Sheva: Clubbin', Tribal, Business and Fairy Tale.

Clubbin' - Is unlocked by completing the main game once, its theme color is gold.

This costume consists of a revealing golden short skirt with a matching golden top, a belt, a pair of knee-high sandals and various accessories. Sheva's sporting a short blond wig while wearing this costume.

Tribal - Is unlocked by obtaining all the 30 BSAA emblems and completing the game once, its theme is an African tribes attire.

This costume consists of a leopard print bikini top, a few pieces of cloth which form a skirt, a pair of black high-heeled sandals and tribal accessories. Sheva's body is decorated with white paint.

Business - Is unlocked by downloading Costume Pack 2 and by completing the main game once, it is also included in the PC version of the game as a bonus, it is unlocked by completing the main game once as well. In Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition, the costume is already available even before completing the main game.

Its theme is modern office attire and it has a striking resemblance to Ingrid Hunnigan's appearance.

This costume consists of a gray suit with a short skirt and a white blouse underneath, a pair of black high-heels as well as various equipment. Sheva's sporting a pair of eyeglasses and her skin is lighter while wearing this costume.

Fairy Tale - Is unlocked by downloading Costume Pack 1 and completing the main game once, its theme is Red Riding Hood.

This costume consists of a red hood revealing Sheva's bra, a matching red skirt, a brown corset, an apron, a pair of knee-high black boots and black stockings. Sheva's skin and eyes are lighter while wearing this costume.


Sheva is a playable character in The Mercenaries and the Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition's The Mercenaries Reunion modes. In The Mercenaries she is playable in her BSAA, Clubbin' and Tribal costumes, while in The Mercenaries Reunion she is playable in her Business and "Fairy Tale" costumes.


Sheva whistles when taunting. This whistle taunt is also shared with Jill Valentine.


Asking Help - I need your help. Help me. (serious and worried tone when asking)

Send Out - Go. (serious tone when ordering)

Thanking - Thanks. Thanks, partner! I owe you one! (grateful and happy tone when thanking)

Wait - Wait. (neutral/monotone tone when asking)

Dying - I need help! *whimper* Help. (panicked and fading tone when asking)

Worried - Hold on! I'm coming! (serious tone when yelling)

Checking - Are you OK? You need to be careful! (serious tone when checking)

Compliments - Good work. Nice Shot! Kupendeza! Nice teamwork! (impressed tone when praising) Compliments are used when chaining melee attacks, or when a perfect headshot is pulled off.

Load outs[]

Sheva (BSAA)

Sheva (Clubbin)

Sheva (Tribal)

Sheva (Business)

Sheva (Fairy Tale)

Resident Evil: The Deck Building Game[]

Sheva appears as a character card in the Resident Evil DBG. She is one of the first ten characters released in the base set. Sheva specializes in Rifles and her abilities reflect that. Her Level 1 effect goes hand-in-hand with the Bolt-Action Rifle's effect by switching a card in the player's hand with the top card of their inventory. This allows the Rifle Sheva is equipped with to successfully activate it's effect; increased damage. Additionally, Sheva's Level 2 effect decreases the amount of ammunition required to use a Rifle by 20. She has 80 health in the game.