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For other mansion keys, see Mansion key.
"When the two have run each other through, the path to your destiny will open."
— Shield Key puzzle examination[1]

The Shield Key is one of the four knight-themed keys that is used to unlock certain rooms in the Spencer Mansion in Resident Evil.


Once in possession of the key, Chris and Jill can gain access to the attic where the Yawn awaits.


The Shield Key can be found in the dining hall after obtaining the Gold Emblem and placing it above the fireplace. The grandfather clock in the room chimes and moves aside, revealing a secret compartment housing the Shield Key.

In other versions of the game, Chris or Jill must complete an additional puzzle on the grandfather clock once the Gold Emblem is inserted, rewarding them with the key upon completion.

In Rebirth Mode on Deadly Silence, the clock hands need to be moved using the touch screen to match the time with the number of chimes heard upon inserting the Gold Emblem above the fireplace.

The remake has a similar puzzle, where the hands of the clock must be moved to match a painting on the wall. The swords in the painting act as the hands of the clock while their position is represented by the Mansion Key suits marked on the clock face.

In the Arrange Mode on Director's Cut, the Blue Jewel is present in place of the key. Upon placing the jewel in the tiger statue in the F-shaped corridor, it yields the Shield Key in return.


Resident Evil (1996)
Item Localization Original Script
Mansion Key Nothing special. (特に気になる所はない?)
Shield Key A carving of a shield. (盾の形が刻まれている?)
Resident Evil (2002)
Shield Key There's an engraving of a shield. (盾の形が刻まれている?)



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