The Ship Hold is an area in Resident Evil 5, featured in Chapter 6-1.


The ship hold is the second area of the tanker.


Ship Hold (9)

The Jail Breaker.

The game will save after player enters this area. Player can immediately find Machine gun ammo, green herb and hand grenade from the starting position. Go down the stairs and turn backwards to find few crates containing items inside. Turn right, follow the path and jump down to find the stairs corridor. Head down until player reaches the floor below where there will be few crates and a weapon case inside containing the Jail Breaker.

Follow the path until player reaches a door entry which require both Chris and Sheva to enters. A small cutscene will trigger once player enter the room. The room contains various items inside, that is a green and rifle ammunition.

BSAA Emblem

A BSAA Emblem is hidden inside a cupboard with a glass door on the north wall.[1]

Ship Hold (33)

More Majini arrived.

Proceed to the next door and enter the cargo area. Moving forward on the walkway will inevitable raise the alarm sounds. When this happens, more armed Majini will appear to attack player. Player can take position behind one of the cover points and fire upon the enemies whenever ready. Player can make their way down onto the cargo area while battling more Majini, this time wielding a shield. The cargo area will contain two items around; a green herb and machine gun ammo.

Drop down through the open hatch and follow the path through the tunnel. Majini will come to attack player from both sides, another one will jump through another hatch ahead. Climb the ladder and check the rest of the cargo area to the right. Player can find two incendiary grenades, Shotgun ammunition and a red herb.

Moving ahead will trigger more hostility including the Gatling Gun Majini. To get through this area, the door ahead requires two keycards to enter:

  • Tanker Keycard A - On the Gatling Gun Majini, player must defeat it for it to drop.
  • Tanker Keycard B - It can be found inside a safe located on the upper level of the walkway toward the east side of the cargo area.
Ship Hold (59)

The Gatling Gun Majini appear.

When battling against the Gatling Gun Majini, take cover immediately and upload player best weapon available. A headshot will cause the Gatling Gun Majini to stun temporary where player can execute a melee attack. The Gatling Gun Majini will attack player with a powerful melee attack whenever player is closed to it. If player decided to run from it and hide, the Gatling Gun Majini will throw grenades to flush player from cover. There are also proximity bombs located in this area where player can use against the Gatling Gun Majini. Player can deploy the bombs on the narrow walkway at the upper level, and lure it toward it.[2]

Once player had defeated it, it will drop one of the keycard needed to get through this area.

Ship Hold (44)

Majini firing an RPG.

As player enters another cargo area, they will face a Majini armed with an RPG. Quickly kill it with a sniper rifle before it fires and cause major damage to player. As player jump down from the platform, they will face Bui Kichwa and few Majini. Killing the Bui Kichwa will drop Dead Bride's Necklaces.

Head for the exit and follow the path until player reaches an elevator leading toward the main deck.


Location Localization Action Original script
The door which Excella shut It's locked. There's no way to open it. Investigate
The computer The power's on, but it's not working. It must have a lock on it. Investigate
The flowers There's those flowers again. Just how much research do flowers need? Investigate
The door which require two keycards We need two keycards. Investigate



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