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The Shooting Range is a minigame in Resident Evil 4. After Leon S. Kennedy reaches a certain part in Salazar Castle, the merchant will have a blue door beside him that leads to a shooting gallery. Leon can pick up a Target Practice file on merchant's counter, which tells you how to play.

Your high score can be checked by examining the sign on the wall next to the merchant.

Game types

There are altogether four game types that Leon can play and each new one is featured at a further location in the maingame. Each game type features a different pattern of targets each more difficult than the previous. Each type has two variants; the second pattern is played after four prizes are won in that game type.

The previous game types can be played at each location. In addition to these four locations, there is a fifth entrance in the Campsite (Chapter 5-3) that does not open up a new game mode.


Before entering the shooting range, you are given a choice between two weapon sets to use.

Rapid-firing Sniping
Shotgun Handgun
TMP Rifle
Shotgun Shells x30 Handgun Ammo x50
TMP Ammo x100 Rifle Ammo x30
Hand Grenade Hand Grenade


Target Result[1]
Male villager (head) +100 points
Male villager (body) +50 points
Female villager (head) +200 points
Female villager (body) +50 points
Ashley -1000 point penalty
Salazar head +500 points

Salazar appears in the very back of the shooting range after five Ganados have been shot in a row without missing. A fireworks bonus of 300 points can also be earned. It is received when the backdrop with the moon and Salazar Castle appears, and the player shoots the former and latter.

Each game requires that Leon meets three objectives with both rapid-fire guns and sniping guns for a total of six objectives per game. It is possible to receive all six bottle caps without switching weapons if Leon keeps scoring above the objective 2 point amount.

  • Objective 1 - Score 2000 points or more
  • Objective 2 - Score 3000 points or more
  • Objective 3 (Rare prize) - Score 4000 points or hit all targets except Ashley.


Six Bottlecaps can be won from each game type for 24 in total. Completing a game type by getting all six bottlecaps will also give you a certain amount of pesetas.

Once you complete the objectives in a game type, talk to the merchant and select "End Game" to receive the extra peseta amount. Note, it does not matter what weapon set you use to complete the challenges. The bottle caps will appear in the inventory under "Treasures" as you accomplish each objective.

Reward Pesetas

  • Completing Game A - 15000₧
  • Completing Game B - 25000₧
  • Completing Game C - 35000₧
  • Completing Game D - 50000₧


Shooting different parts of the backgrounds while playing the game will cause different effects to be triggered. More than one effect can never be active at once, and a new effect cannot be triggered until any ongong effect finishes in its entirety.

As previously mentioned, shooting the moon and castle in the corresponding background shoots off fireworks and gives a 300-point bonus. Shooting one of a few choice stars will cause a falling star to travel across the background, as well as causes the range to glitter and causes a catapult shot to hit the field. If Leon is too close to it, he will be stunned.

Shooting the chimney of the village background causes smoke to settle over the range. Shooting the trees on the left side will trigger feathers to fall from the ceiling and birds to fly across the background. Shooting the beehive causes a swarm to settle over the range.


Further Notes

  • If Ashley is with you when entering, she will stand in the back left corner of the lobby.
  • It is impossible to kill the merchant in this area.
  • Any missed shots made during the target practice will not decrease the player's accuracy stats in the end of the chapter.



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