Short-Lived Escape -Lost Freedom- is the scene in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, which plays after Ethan tries to escape with Zoe on the boat.



Zoe Baker: "Thank you. I can't believe you chose me."

Ethan Winters: "Mia's no good to anyone right now. But we might make it out of here in one piece."

Zoe: "I suppose so."

Ethan: "I wanna know what all of this is about. Starting with Mia."

Zoe: "Mia came here with Eveline. That's how it started."

Ethan: "Eveline... the kid. I knew Mia was hiding something."

Zoe: "That—there's the boat that Mia came with Eveline on."

Ethan: "What the...? They came on that? Let's go take a look."

Zoe: "I'm not going back there."

Ethan: "I gotta know what Mia was up to."
"What the hell?"

Zoe: "It's her. Eveline doesn't want us to leave."
"No—No! Evie—Please, Evie! I'll be good. I promise."

Ethan: "Zoe?? Zoe!!!"
"What the fuck?!"

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