The Shotgun is a weapon that appears in Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles and is unlocked upon the completion of Operation Javier 1.

Like any other Shotgun in the Resident Evil franchise, this weapon is very powerful at close range due to its spread while giving it an excellent stopping power that can push back groups of enemies at close range or stagger them at further range. It fires a bit slowly due to it being pump-action but is nevertheless a potent weapon as with its decent capacity and reserve.

All of its stats can be upgraded except for the firing rate to improve the performance of this weapon.


In-game upgrade menu, the game's description reads:

"The spread effect of this powerful gun is most effective at close range."

Upgrade ChartEdit

Grade Power Rate of Fire Reload Speed Capacity Stopping Power
C Default Default Default
C+ 6,000G 5,000G
B Default 9,000G
B+ 6,000G
A 12,000G Default
A+ 22,000G 10,000G
S 16,000G
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