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"Remington M870. A pump action shotgun."

The Shotgun is a weapon that appears in the versions of Resident Evil based around the original (that is, the original 1996 game, the Director's Cut and Deadly Silence). Examining the item confirms that it is a Remington M870.

The Shotgun is obtained on the first floor on the east side of the mansion, acting as a trigger for the falling ceiling in the adjacent room. In Chris's segment, he must exchange the shotgun with a broken one to prevent the trap from being triggered. Jill's segment only requires the broken shotgun if she encounters Barry in the entrance hall before taking the weapon; if not, Barry rescues her from the trap.

The Shotgun is very powerful at close range, and is a recommended weapon against Hunters. The weapon fires a spread of shots, allowing it to damage multiple enemies at once. This weapon can decapitate a zombie's head by aiming upwards at close range, and can be done on multiple zombies at once. If enough ammunition is conserved, it can be used as a primary weapon by the time the player enters the lab.