For the 2019 remake weapon, see W-870.
"Remington M1100-P. It uses 12 gauge rounds. Smaller than a standard M1100, as its barrel is cut."
— Item examination - English
"ノーマルのM1100のバレルをカットしているのでサイズが小さい "
— Item examination - Japaese

The Shotgun (ショットガン shottogan?) is a weapon item that Leon S. Kennedy finds in Resident Evil 2.


The Shotgun can be found in several locations in both scenarios:

  • Scenario A - Inside the Locker of the S.T.A.R.S. office.
  • Scenario A - Robert Kendo drops his shotgun when zombies overrun his store. (albeit with one less round due to him firing)
  • Scenario B - In the police station main hall.


Sporting a five-round capacity, this pump-action weapon is effective at close range and is recommended against strong enemies or groups of zombies.

The Shotgun can decapitate a zombie's head by aiming upwards while in close range. It can also destroy a zombie's torso or legs by aiming at the chest or downwards. However, this will not kill the zombie, but instead split them in half. This leaves them crawling and will still try to bite the player.

Extreme Battle

In Extreme Battle, the Shotgun is in Leon's inventory. There is a 50% chance that Shotgun Parts can be found in Sewer B2, which allows him to create the C. Shotgun.




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