"Benelli M3S. An easy to carry sawed-off shotgun. It uses 12 gauge shot shells."
— Item examination with normal shotgun shells - English
"ベネリ M3S 扱い易いよう切りつめられたソードオフショットガンだ 12ゲージショットシェルを使用する事が出来る "
— Item examination with normal shotgun shells - Japanese

Shotgun (ショットガン shottogan?) is a weapon found in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis. This weapon is identified to be a Benelli M3S.


It is found by Jill Valentine early in the game in the Y-shaped alley where Brad Vickers sprints away from.


The Benelli is a shotgun with a capacity of seven shells. This weapon is effective in close range and can decapitate a zombie's head if aimed upwards in close range. It is also a recommended weapon against stronger and faster enemies such as the Hunters, as it has more stopping power than the Handgun. However, the shotgun has low reloading speed and may leave the player vulnerable to enemy attacks.

Benelli M3S Enhanced

"Enhanced Shotgun. It is loaded with enhanced shells."
— Item examination with enhanced shotgun shells - English
"ショットガン強化版 強化されたショットシェルが装填されている "
— Item examination with enhanced shotgun shells - Japanese

Like the M92F Enhanced, the M3S Enhanced is created by loading Enhanced Shotgun Shells into the Shotgun. It does not have any changes in appearance or capacity, but has a slightly noticeable "boom" when firing it. However the recoil is increased, with Jill backing off slightly with each shot fired.

It is quite powerful, especially against stronger enemies; often requiring less rounds to kill an enemy. The ability to decapitate a zombie's head still remains if aimed upwards.

  • The bullet counter of this weapon in the inventory screen changes to red to denote that it is loaded with Enhanced Shells.
  • When the Shotgun is loaded with normal shells, enhanced ammo cannot be uploaded until the weapon is empty. Combining the enhanced ammo with the weapon must be made in the status screen.
  • When the player wants to change the type of ammunition from enhanced to normal, he/she must follow the same rules.

The Mercenaries

This weapon is used by Mikhail Victor in the mini-game. It is capable of killing multiple zombies in one blast, earning extra time quickly. The player will also be able to acquire 14 Enhanced Shells from the last hostage in Bar Jack as a gift for saving him.




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