The first shotgun in Resident Evil 4 is simply called Shotgun (ショットガン shottogan?). It is available for purchase from the Merchant for 20,000₧. However, a free shotgun is available on the second floor of the house in the village. If the game is started on Easy mode, Leon starts with one in his inventory, but there is no shotgun to take in the village.


The Shotgun is powerful at close range, but damage and stopping power decreases over range. It takes up 16 spaces (8x2) of inventory and uses Shotgun Shells.

The Shotgun also appears as part of the "Rapid Fire" weapon set in the Shooting Range minigame.

Tune up chart

The Shotgun costs 277,000₧ to buy and fully upgrade, or just 257,000₧ to fully upgrade if the player takes the Shotgun in the village or keeps the one they start with in easy mode.

Its exclusive allows it to have a firepower of 8.0 at long range. This interesting mechanic means that one pellet can cause substantial damage normally limited to the shotgun's close range shooting.

Level Firing Power Cost Firing Speed Cost Reload Speed Cost Capacity Cost
1 4.0 N/A 1.53 N/A 3.03 N/A 6 N/A
2 4.5 15,000₧ N/A N/A 2.43 7,000₧ 8 6,000₧
3 5.0 20,000₧ N/A N/A 1.50 15,000₧ 10 10,000₧
4 6.0 25,000₧ N/A N/A N/A N/A 12 12,000₧
5 7.0 30,000₧ N/A N/A N/A N/A 15 15,000₧
6 8.0 45,000PSAS N/A N/A N/A N/A 18 20,000₧
Exclusive 8.0 40,000₧ Significantly increases the destructive power of the weapon for long distance targets!


  • Examine: Shotgun
"A 12-gauge pump-action shotgun. Don't leave home without it."
  • Fully upgraded Examine: Shotgun
"Now possess the same destructive power from all distances. Sounds like a winner to me!"
  • Exclusive
"Significantly increases the destructive power of the weapon for long distance targets!"


  • The Basic Shotgun is useful at the beginning of the game where enemies are often grouped together. It can knock them to the ground if your shot didn't kill them. It becomes rather unwieldy when faced with most bosses due to its poor range, slow rate of fire, and lower stopping power compared to other Shotguns.
  • It is the best weapon at the start for knocking back Chainsaw Men.
  • Although the exclusive upgrade increases the range of the weapon, this is deceiving as it does not increase it by much. The upgrade makes it so each pellet causes the same amount of damage at any range, but because the pellet's spread out after they exit the barrel it is nearly impossible to hit an enemy at long range with most of the pellets. Furthermore, this DOES NOT include the knockback effect of the weapon either meaning that it will barely stagger anything outside of close range. This makes it difficult to take advantage of this upgrade.



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