The Shotgun (ショットガン shottogan?) is a weapon that appears in Resident Evil 6.


Alternate Fire None
Shots Per Clip 8



Reload Speed C
Firing Speed C

The Shotgun is the premier zombie slaying cannon, with enough power to silence a standard enemy with a single blast. It is designed for close range due to the pellets scattering at long range, but can be relied on to kill at mid-long range as well.

This weapon is more specialized than its counterpart, the Assault Shotgun. In comparison, it has considerably more power per shot and can hold an additional shell, but lacks the automatic functionality that gives the Assault Shotgun its utility. On the other hand, the Shotgun is far more ammo-efficient, and as a result can be more reliable as a primary weapon. One full loaded magazine has 8 rounds in it.


It is in the campaigns of Leon and Jake. It is found by Leon and Helena at some point while in Tall Oaks and found later by Jake and Sherry while in Lanshiang. In Leon's campaign in Chapter 1, it is found on a dead soldier after obtaining the Backdoor Key, while in Jake's campaign in Chapter 4 it is found in a locker before the fight with Ubistvo. This weapon is also occasionally carried by BSAA Operatives on the field.


The Shotgun, like any others found in other Resident Evil games, is best used at close range due to its pellet spread. Aiming towards a zombie's head will most likely cause a decapitation or severely injure them. Furthermore, this weapon is quite deadly at mid-range. When fighting the Lepotica with this weapon, the player needs to take caution not to get trigger-happy while it is near the player, as the Gas Spray can result with the player being damaged. Taking advantage of the weapon's mid-range lethality is recommended, so it's best to fire this weapon at a safe range. The Shotgun can be a very deadly weapon with the right skills equipped.

The recommended skills for the Shotgun are:

  • Firearm Lv 1/2/3
  • Shotgun Shell Pick-Up Increase
  • Critical Hit Lv 1/2/3 
  • Shotgun Master 
  • Last Shot

Extra Content

In the Mercenaries, this weapon is used as a 'Power Weapon' by Leon in his default costume and Chris in his alternate costume.

Mode Characters
The Mercenaries Leon - Default

Chris - Costume

Survivors Leon - Default
Predator Leon - Default
Onslaught Leon - Default

Chris - Costume

Siege Leon - Default


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