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The Hydra is a shotgun which appears in Resident Evil: Revelations. It is obtained by completing the game once on Normal difficulty and will be deposited in the Customization Bench.


Hydra stats
Firepower 130 x9
Auto Fire 0.91
Capacity 5
Custom Slots 2

The Hydra has the most firepower of any shotgun in the campaign at 130x9, the second-highest firing rate at 0.91, a comfortable capacity of 5 and 2 customization slots. As such, it is useful for its raw power, but its weaknesses are difficult to patch.

This is a slight departure from the shotgun of the same name from Resident Evil 5, which had the lowest capacity and highest firepower of any shotgun. Its strengths and weaknesses, including its low number of customization slots, carry over into the game's Raid Mode, but it is generally outclassed by the Legendary shotgun, Drake.