The Shotgun M147S is a shotgun found in Resident Evil: Revelations 2. It is one of the few multi-barrelled shotguns, like the Drake, and only houses two shells at a time.


Name Shotgun M147S
Firepower 630.00
Firing Rate 1.13
Capacity 2
Parts slots 3
Campaign description
Classic shotgun. Limited capacity but lots of firepower. Spreads out its pellets over a wide range; good in close quarters.
Raid Mode description


Claire's Campaign

In the first episode, after finding Gina died, the weapon can be found by Claire next to a corpse before proceeding in the facility she and Moira are taken to.

Extra episode

In the first section of the episode, Moira can find this weapon inside the escapee's shack.


Unlike many shotguns featured in Resident Evil, the M147S is a multi-barrel breech-load weapon like the Drake or incarnations of the Hydra. It is only capable of holding two shells at a time before the character has to reload the weapon. Compared to the shotgun Tap194, it has less capacity, more firepower, faster firing speed and more customization part space.It is highly recommended to put capacity part for one of its customization slot.


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