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The Shotgun M3 is a weapon that appears in Resident Evil: Revelations. It is a starting weapon for Chris Redfield and Keith Lumley, and Parker Luciani can obtain the M3 during the Terragrigia panic. This shotgun is only available during segments with these playable characters. However, Jill will gain access to the M3 once united with Chris.


M3 stats
Firepower 130 x6
Auto Fire 0.94
Capacity 6
Custom Slots 4

The M3 has a firepower of 130, firing rate of 1.20 (0.94 on Unveiled Edition), and a 6-round capacity with 4 customization slots. In comparison to the Shotgun Windham, the M3 has a lower firepower but compensates it with a higher rate of fire, an additional slot for attachments, a larger capacity and a faster reload speed.

It's stats carries over in Raid Mode, usually found with a low firepower and a fast rate of fire. It's availability in the shop is common but the weapon stats constantly change depending on the player's level. The rare version of the M3 is called "Raider".

Recommended Custom Parts

The Shotgun M3 has 4 customization slots and it is recommended to fill each of them with parts that compensates for its weaknesses. The recommended custom parts are:

  • Damage 1-5
  • Load Capacity 4
  • Critical 1
  • Infighter 1