"A custom part for the W-870 that stabilizes the gun, allowing it to be fired and reloaded in one smooth action."
— Inventory description
"W 870専用の強化パーツ。 銃身の保持性が向上することで、射撃とポンプアクションを一連で行え、連射性能を向上させる。"
— Inventory description - Japanese

The Shotgun Stock (W-870) is a custom part in the Resident Evil 2 remake.


"Makes it easier to shoot rapidly."
— Description when examining the W-870 with the part applied
— Description when examining the W-870 with the part applied - Japanese

It improves weapon handling and speeds up reloading, specifically Leon will load the shells two at a time instead of one by one, and the fire rate will be noticeably increased. These qualities make this upgrade a very valuable one.


The shotgun stock is located in the Treatment Pool Room of the Sewers, inside a safe. The combination is written in chalk on its side, as mentioned in the Delivery Receipt: 2 to the left, 12 to the right, 8 to the left. There is a zombie next to the safe that will awaken once the marked side is approached that won't be triggered otherwise. Player can wait until they rescued Ada, the zombie will be gone when Leon's with her.


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