Shotgun TAP194 is a shotgun type weapon in Resident Evil: Revelations 2. Later, it can be used by Moira in Extra Episode 1.

Compared to shotgun M147S,it has weaker firepower,slower firing speed,more capacity and less customization part space.


Name Shotgun TAP194
Firepower 490.00
Firing Rate 0.73
Capacity 5
Parts slots
Campaign description
Shotgun with good capacity. However it isn't quite as powerful as the M147S.
Raid Mode description


Claire's Story

The Shotgun can be found in two Episodes, Episode 2: Contemplation and Episode 3: Judgement.

The first one can be found at the town inside a bar. Player will have to use the crate to step on, in order to reach it.

If the player skipped the first one, the second can be found during Episode 3: Judgement inside one of the building at the Food Processing Plant.

Barry's Story

The Shotgun can be found at the construction complex in Episode 4, Player should have Natalia control the crane for Barry to reach the isolated path of the complex, player have to move forward when the crane pass the isolated area, it is located next to corpse.

The Struggle

In the second section of the episode. Moira can find this shotgun as the reward for reaching Evgeny's weapon stash in time.



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