The Shotgun Windham is a new shotgun featured in Resident Evil: Revelations. The Shotgun is available for Jill to use from the beginning of Chapter 3 after it has been released from its containment in a suite.


Windham stats
Firepower 160 x6
Auto Fire 0.74
Capacity 4
Custom Slots 3

The Windham has a firepower of 160, a firing rate of 1.00 (0.74 on Unveiled Edition), and a capacity of 4. These stats can be upgraded with their respective parts. The Windham also has 3 customization slots. It is very powerful in comparison with the Shotgun M3 but lacks the high rate of fire said weapon has. It also has a low capacity and players can find themselves frequently reloading in a tight spot. It also lacks an additional attachment slot that the M3 has.

In Raid Mode this Shotgun generally has a higher firepower, a low capacity, and a lower firing rate, but the stats in Raid Mode are inconsistent. The rare version of Windham is called "Sledgehammer".

Recommended Custom Parts

The Shotgun Windham has 3 slots of customization parts and it is recommended to fill the slots with these custom parts to compensate for its weaknesses:

  • Damage 1-5
  • Long Magazine 4
  • Infighter 1


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