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showdown 1 is a minigame in Resident Evil Outbreak File #2. It is available for purchase upon clearing three of the main scenarios (that is, between "wild things"; "underbelly"; "flashback" and "desperate times"), can be bought for 3000 points.[1] The mode is essentially a "boss rush" and it consists of five consecutive battles with the original Outbreak bosses in their original locations.

These are the bosses in order:


The aim of the mini game is to kill all of the bosses in rapid succession. The contents of the player's cache at the end of one level continue to the next, forcing the player to conserve throughout. When playing offline, only one character is allowed, meaning once the character is in Danger status and crawling, he or she cannot be assisted.

All of the areas have various weapons and items scattered throughout, sometimes hidden behind objects in the environment, requiring a little exploration on the part of the player. Problematically, some items can only be used once they are carried over into the next boss encounter. Of course, the player has to mind their surroundings, as the bosses do not completely ignore them and in some cases will have smaller enemies around them. The scenario is meant to be played with equal difficulty with all characters, as such the sheer variety of items made available can help with any strategy the player may use.

Hidden Items

  • A shotgun can be found on top of the drums to your right when the scenario begins in the Mutated G battle.
  • An assault rifle can be found on the right side of the train car during the Mutated G battle, facing the area where you spawned in.
  • A grenade launcher with three burst rounds can be found in the water during the Leech battle, near the area where you spawned in. Additional items include a blue herb and shotgun rounds.
  • During the Suspended battle, if you can duck under her and approach the front door, you'll find a Rocket Launcher with only one shot.
  • During the same battle, if you search the corner where part of the wall is sticking out (parallel to the boss's position) you'll find a magnum handgun magazine. This will come in handy when you find the gun it goes to during the Thanatos R battle.


Clearing Showdown 1 will unlock the Alyssa: E (Victory Road) costume


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