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Showdown 2 is a minigame scenario in Resident Evil Outbreak File #2, available after purchasing it for 5000 points. Like the other two scenarios in the Showdown series, it is essentially a boss rush consisting of consecutive battles with the bosses from all of Outbreak File #2's story scenarios except Dorothy from "flashback". The completition of this scenario will unlock Cindy's E-Type Costume: Coquette.

These are the bosses in order:


As with all scenarios in the Showdown and Elimination series, only one character is allowed with no AI partners. Various items are scattered about the areas where the bosses are encountered, and the player character's inventory and status are all carried over to the next battle.

The types of items are varied and all of Outbreak's cast can handle the scenario equally. Some items are hidden behind objects in the environment, making a few easy to miss.


  • The Bomb Switch can be found during the battle with Giga Bite, and can be used to kill Tyrant R instantly. However, it can only be used once in this scenario and the player can decide to use it on the Tyrant during his fight, or when he's trapped inside Nyx in the following battle.
  • Nyx is surprisingly vulnrable to the Knife in its battle, but the player has to target the side of its body holding the Tyrant. After several slashes its weak spot will be exposed and it will kneel down, allowing the player to slash it and possibly land critical hits.
  • The only chance a player using Jim is going to get to use the Coin is at the very beginning. Since Zombie Elephant is fought in the Elephant stage, the player can remain upstairs out of harm's way and use it to raise their critical hit ratio.
  • There are two batteries in the scenario, which can be used by Alyssa to reload her Stun Gun or by David to make into a Time Bomb or Stun Rod.



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