The Shower Room is a location in the Resident Evil 2 remake. The area also returned in Resident Evil 3 remake.


Resident Evil 2 (2019)

On the [1st] run, the Portable Safe is in the room which gives the player the Spare Key that's used in the terminal inside the Safety Deposit Room, there is also the Portable Safe Instructions file on the wall to the left of the Portable Safe. On the [2nd] run, the Bejeweled Box is instead placed where the safe was.

To the left side of the room there is a steam leak and the first time the player enters this room on the [1st] run, they can't pass to the other side because of it, next to the steam there is a locker that has a dead zombie inside it. This zombie will not come back to life. There is one locker with a password which is always "CAP", it will give Shotgun Shells to Leon and Flame Rounds to Claire. To the right side of this locker there is another set of lockers, only one of them has an item on it which again is the same ammo type given by the "CAP" one.

On the [2nd] run, the player can immediately turn off the steam the first time they visit this room since the Valve Handle can be acquired before getting to this area.

Resident Evil 3 (2020)

The explosives planted on the wall is the main objective of this place. The locker with a lock retains the same code as the ones from Resident Evil 2 remake ("CAP" is its code), however the locker instead gives a Flash Grenade. Once Carlos has detonated the C4 (the detonator's battery is located at the Safety Deposit Room) in the shower room, one must be ready as hordes of zombies will attack the player.


Resident Evil 3 (2020)
Location Localization Original Script
Locker containing a dead officer "Hum. Better not."

Further notes

  • Even though the map calls this room the "Shower Room", outside of it there is a sign naming it the "Men's Locker Room".


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