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Shusaku Uchiyama (内山 修作 Uchiyama Shusaku?) is a Japanese composer of video game music.


Shusaku Uchiyama received piano lessons from a young age and even played in an R&B band for some time. In 1995, he was hired by Capcom to compose the score for Mega Man 8. He then moved on to work on Resident Evil 2 as part of the team led by senior composer Masami Ueda.[1] Uchiyama adopted Ueda's style but also drew inspiration from recent films.[2] His contributions to the game include the memorable "Drove the passengers to be the living dead," while "Annette's Recollection" was a collaborative effort with fellow composer Syun Nishigaki. Uchiyama also composed an additional twelve tracks for the game, which appeared in the BIOHAZARD 2 COMPLETE TRACK. Uchiyama went on to become involved in other Capcom games such as Devil May Cry, where he contributed to the game's music. Uchiyama worked as the lead composer on Resident Evil (2002), collaborating with Makoto Tomozawa and Misao Senbongi on this project.[3] Later on, he became the senior composer for Resident Evil 4, where he collaborated once again with Senbongi.[2][4][5] He also composed music for other Resident Evil-related projects, including Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles,[6] Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City,[7] and Resident Evil: Damnation.[8] Uchiyama returned to the Resident Evil series as the lead composer for Resident Evil Village.[9]

Resident Evil resumé[]

Title Year Role
Resident Evil Village 2021 Lead Composer
Resident Evil 2 2019 Composers
Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City 2012 Composer
Resident Evil: Damnation 2012 Composer
Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles 2009 Music
Resident Evil: Director's Cut 2006 Music Data Edit
Resident Evil 4 2005 Composer/Arranger
Resident Evil 2002 Lead Composer/Arranger
Resident Evil 2[note 1] 1998 Music Composition

For additional information on Shusaku Uchiyama's work, you can visit his MobyGames' entry.



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