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Siege on Terra Save (テラセイブ襲撃 Teraseibu shūgeki?) is a cutscene in Resident Evil: Revelations 2. It is the first cutscene of the game, and plays during "Episode 1: Penal Colony".


The story begins with an advertisement on TerraSave.

Sometime in 2011, Claire attended a party at TerraSave headquarters alongside new hire, Moira Burton, daughter of Barry Burton. Suddenly a military group attacked the party and abducts Claire and her friends and brings them to an abandoned prison facility located on an island.


Narrator: Bioterror. The world lives with it. You live with it. Viruses are stolen, re-engineered, misused with tragic results. And who are you supposed to trust? Politicians who sell their souls for a few votes? CEOs who betray consumers for a quick buck? Count on us instead. We're above the politics. Always watching. Always ready to face the threat head on. We are the unflinching mop that sops up the evils of bioterrorism and chemical warfare. They call us... Terra Save. Because "Terr" doesn't have to end with "rist."

Claire Redfield: Hey guys.
Man: Redfield
Man: Hi, Claire.
Moira Burton: Hey! Hey, Claire!
Claire: Moira! Welcome to the club.
Moira: Reporting for duty, Ms. Redfield. When do the hazings start?
Claire: Cut it out. We've been friends for how long?
Moira: Long enough that I'm allowed to give you shit.
Neil: Claire. Could you, uh...
Claire: What's up, Neil?
Neil: Something's going down in Washington. Did you hear anything?
Claire: What, the new virus? Come on, you know Tricell is history. Right? Hello?
Neil: Hey, that Barry Burton's girl?
Claire: Yup. Moira started today. But you've gotta be careful if you're gonna mention--
Neil: Her and her dad? Oh yeah. Emotional minefield.
Claire: OK. You did your homework. What other horrible invasions of privacy have you got in there?
Neil: Hey, I gotta look out for Terra Save. We have our enemies. Anyway, good luck breaking her in.
Claire: She's not a horse. Bye.
Claire: Uh-oh. What'd he do this time?
Moira: Fucking Barry. Every time I ask him anything, he pushes back. I wouldn't even be here if I listened to--
Moira: What the hell? Let me go! What the hell are you doing?
Man: Claire Redfield, you're coming with us.
Claire: What? No, there must be some kind of mis--
Moira: Claaaire!

Narrator: "バイオテロ"
"それはまさに今 そこにある恐怖"
"ウィルスが悪用され 悲惨な事件や事故が 次々と起きているのです"
"票のちめに 魂を売り渡す政治家ですか?"
"いいえ 私どもにお任せください"
"我々の名は…NGO団体 テラセイブ"