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"A silencer compatible with any handgun except for the the Red 9 and the Matilda. Your gunfire will be unheard by the enemies."
— Item description - English
— Item description - Japanese

The Silencer (Handgun) was an item that was at some point intended to be used by Leon in the main story chapters of Resident Evil 4, the item can be seen in the Resident Evil 4 Public Beta with the use of cheats or its debug menu. When hacking, it is possible to reach the Merchant in the Cave, where it can be seen as a purchasable item for 2000 Pesetas.

In its description, the text states that this silencer cannot be combined with either "Red 9" or Matilda, the latter however is a handgun that can only be obtained after the game is completed once, which could potentially mean that the Matilda was going to be available at the Merchant as the player progressed through the story like the other handguns in the game.

Further notes[]

  • In the final version of the game, a silencer is found in Wesker's inventory in The Mercenaries, it can only be combined with his default handgun.
    • Althought not that useful, it can be used to silently take down enemies when a Garrador is near, as it prevents the Garrador from hearing the shots.
  • In the English description of the silencer, the Red9 is called "Red 9", with a space in-between. The Japanese text (レッド9) has it all together however. The English text also has a typo, with the description at the Merchant screen saying "except for the the Red 9".