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Silver Dagger

Silver Dagger was an elite BSAA counterterrorism unit established at some point after 2013. It was led by Captain D.C..


In 2013, the BSAA suffered heavy losses combating twin bioterror attacks in Lanshiang, China, which demonstrated a need for further BSAA counterterrorism beyond rapid response. Silver Dagger was founded to investigate terrorism suspects through the extra-legal use of state-of-the-art intelligence gathering software and, if an attack was deemed imminent, deal with them as a rapid response team.

In 2014, The Silver Dagger are sent as the response team to deal with Glenn Arias and his subordinates shortly after Querétaro mansion incident, the squad is eventually joined by another additional member, Chris Redfield, and aided by BSAA Special Advisor Rebecca Chambers and DSO Operative Leon Scott Kennedy. After intel are left behind by Chambers, the squad quickly move to New York City to apprehend Arias and prevent the spread of the Animality Virus from reaching further. The squad is divided with D.C and Nadia finding the rest of the tankers and quickly destroys them while Kennedy, Redfield and Damian fighting their way to Arias on the ground surface. During New York bioterrorist attack, Damian is quickly killed by mutated A-Virus Zombie Dogs but Kennedy and Redfield manage to escape with Kennedy electing to grab their attention while Redfield hurriedly heads towards Arias's central base.

Amidst the battle between the amalgamated mutated form of Arias and Diego Gómez and Kennedy and Redfield, D.C. quickly rushe to aid the pair with Nadia firing a powerful rail rifle onto Diego which kills him immediately and leaving a furious Arias to attack the pair with him destabilizing their aircraft and piercing his nails through Nadia, although the attacks were not lethal. Redfield is able to vanquish him with the squad acquiring the gas tanks which contains Vaccine Strains and spreading it all over New York, curing its infected populace of the disease.

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