Skill Points (SP for short) are an invisible currency present in the Raid Mode of Resident Evil: Revelations 2 that's used to buy and upgrade a character's skill through the Mannequin.

There are two ways to obtain SP, either by completing certain records, or by leveling up. However, once a record is acquired, SP can't be earned from it again. The raid records that give out SP are as follow:

Record Title Japanese title Clear Condition In-game reward RE.NET reward
Branching Out 新たな能力 Acquire a different character's skill. 5 Skill Points 500 RE Points
Likes It Rough 挑戦者 Clear a mission at five or more levels
below the recommended level
5 Skill Points 500 RE Points
Not on My Watch ディフェンスマスター Protect the target with no damage taken,
and get the Challenge Medallion.
5 Skill Points 4,500 RE Points
That's My Fetish 孤高の挑戦者 Clear a mission at ten or more levels
below the recommended level.
10 Skill Points 1,000 RE Points

Even if a character's level is maxed out (100), they will still earn skill points through each level up, meaning learning all skills is possible, which will earn The Specialist record alongside the Bodybuilder gesture.

Depending on the character's level just reached, the SP earned is changed:

Level reached Skill Points awarded
Non-multiples of 10 from 2-69 5
Multiples of 10 from 10-70 10
71-79 6
80 12
81-89 7
90 14
91-99 9
100 18
100+ 10
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