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'''Sky-high Skirmish''' is an [[Quick-time Event|interactive cutscene]] in ''[[Resident Evil 5]]''. It is played during [[Walkthrough:Resident Evil 5/Chapter 6-3|Chapter 6-3]].
'''Sky-high Skirmish''' is an [[Quick-time Event|interactive cutscene]] in ''[[Resident Evil 5]]''. It is played during [[Chapter 6-3 (Resident Evil 5)|Chapter 6-3]].

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Sky-high Skirmish is an interactive cutscene in Resident Evil 5. It is played during Chapter 6-3.


Aboard the assault bomber, Wesker, greatly weakened by the earlier overdose, is kneeling near the door to the cockpit and admits he may have underestimated Chris's resolve to stop him. Chris then tells Wesker to save it as there's no one left to help him out of his situation. Wesker remains defiant, however, stating he doesn't need anyone else before punching the door hard enough to leave a noticeable dent before getting up and proclaiming that he now has access to Uroboros. He then in strained breaths tells Chris and Sheva that the plane will reach the optimum altitude to deploy its Uroboros missiles in less than five minutes. He then adds that the missiles will penetrate and explode into the atmosphere, thus all but ensuring that Uroboros is saturated throughout the globe completely. Wesker then rushes towards Chris, although Chris just barely evades the blow. Wesker then proceeds to grab Chris and viciously uppercuts him repeatedly before casting him aside by kicking him away. He then takes out a Beretta and proceeds to shoot at Sheva, forcing her to take cover behind a pillar, with Chris also getting up and proceeding to fire at Wesker, who proceeds to dodge the bullets while marching towards him. Wesker while shooting and dodging then gloats about how their current actions are only delaying the inevitability of the world being infected by Uroboros. Upon running out of ammo, Wesker then takes out his Samurai Edge and gets close to Chris and pointed his gun at his head. Wesker then, while about to execute Chris, declares that a new Genesis for the world will arrive, and reiterates that he will be the creator of the new world. However, Sheva then comes out of hiding and lunges at Wesker with a knife, forcing Wesker to dodge her swipe by backflipping and then gripping the ceiling. Chris then proceeds to aim at Wesker and shoots at him just as Wesker lunges at him. Chris manages to land a few blows on Wesker, although Wesker did not flinch and proceeded to kick him three times before knocking him away. Sheva then resumed her attack on Wesker and proceeded to stab his forearm with her combat knife. However, Wesker had an unflinching reaction and proceeded to strangle her with his free arm. Sheva then broke free and proceeded to knock him down. Chris then arrived and declared that he has had enough of Wesker's insane ramblings before injecting him in the neck with another dose of the serum, weakening Wesker even further, before knocking him aside. Chris then told Wesker he's only a leftover of Umbrella's ideology now. Sheva then reminded Chris that they needed to stop the plane as the mechanized pilot gave an alert about they have three minutes before commencing the missile deployment. Chris then stated that he'll activate the override lever to abort the operation, and tells Sheva to cover for him from Wesker while he does so. They then rush to the override lever, with Wesker giving a feral roar as he pursues them. Sheva then stops and shoots at Wesker, forcing him to jump to the ceiling. Wesker then lunges from his perch towards Chris, though Chris managed to both activate the lever and dodge Wesker's blow, causing a blackout and also resulting in the cargo doors being opened. Wesker then angrily tells Chris that he'll pay for his actions before forcefully removing his fist from the wall and approaching Chris ominously. Chris then yells for Sheva to hang on, with Wesker realizing too late that he's being pulled out of the plane due to the doors opening. He then grabs Sheva by the leg, who attempts to fight him off. Realizing she can't get Wesker to release his grip, she then looks at Chris sadly. Chris, remembering how his former partner Jill Valentine nearly sacrificed herself three years beforehand to stop Wesker, realized that Sheva intended to do something similar, and let go of his perch and reached out for Sheva before she could be sucked out. Wesker then angrily tells the pair that he fully intends to take them with him to the death. Sheva, now able to access her gun, then kicks Wesker in the face and defiantly refuses before shooting him in the face, forcing him to let go. The plane then proceeded to crash in a volcano.


WESKER: It seems I may have underestimated you, Chris.

CHRIS: Save it Wesker. There's no one to help you now.

WESKER: I don't need anyone else.

WESKER: I have Uroboros! In less than five minutes we'll reach the optimal altitude for missile deployment.

WESKER: Uroboros will be unleashed into the atmosphere ensuring complete global saturation.

WESKER: Your feeble attempts only delay the inevitable. The entire world will be infected. A new Genesis is at hand, and I will be the creator.

CHRIS: I've had enough of your bullshit! You're just one of Umbrella's leftovers.

SHEVA: You know what we have to do.

CHRIS: Alright I'll go for the override lever. Cover me!

WESKER: You'll pay for that!

CHRIS: Hang on!


WESKER: I'm taking the two of you with me!

SHEVA: Like hell you will!

WESKER: 貴様らを甘くみすぎたようだ

CHRIS: もうお前を助ける奴もいない!

WESKER: 必要ない
一度放たれれば    手遅れだ
気流に乗り    各地に降り注ぐ

CHRIS: 思い通りにさせるか! お前は    ただの…

SHEVA: どうにかしないと

CHRIS: あのレバーだ    掩護を頼む

WESKER: 貴様    許さん!!

CHRIS: つかまれ!!

CHRIS: シェバ!!

WESKER: 道連れだ    地獄に落ちろ

SHEVA: 落ちるのは貴方けよ!



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